Alessandro Cattelan returns to X Factor and announces it (in style) on Instagram

Alessandro Cattelan returns to X Factor and announces it (in style) on Instagram

The social ballet with which Alessandro Cattelan announces his return to X Factor is truly hilarious

After days of isolation, the time has come for Alessandro Cattelan to get back on track: the conductor takes over the reins of X Factor and announces it with a social video that has literally conquered his fans. On the other hand, we already knew it, irony has always been his strong point.

Two weeks ago, Alessandro Cattelan had revealed on Instagram that he had tested positive at Covid, which is why he had been forced to give up running the Sky Uno talent show. In its place, after some rumors that Lodovica Comello would have liked to be ready to take the helm of X Factor, the talented Daniela Collu arrived: for two intense episodes she was able to perfectly manage the live broadcast so loved by the public. However, the news of Cattelan's return still aroused great joy.

It is once again via social media that the conductor wanted to give the good news. A few hours before the live broadcast of the new appointment with X Factor, he shared a very funny video on Instagram. Wearing the perfect home outfit – sweatshirt, football shorts and terry calf socks – he entered the frame of the film with a funny ballet. And, on the notes of Without Me by Eminem, he clearly hinted at his return to the scene.

"Guess who's back?" – says the lyrics of the song, that is: "Guess who's coming back?". Even the caption leaves little doubt: “Cause it feels so empty without me”, which in Italian can be translated as: “It all seems so empty without me”. The news immediately bounced on social networks, and many wished Cattelan for his renewed commitment to running the X Factor, also congratulating him on the rapid recovery.

There couldn't be a funnier way to announce that you are finally cured of the Coronavirus. Alessandro has spent the last two weeks in solitary confinement at his home, after having received a positive result from one of the control swabs carried out before going on the air. As it seems evident from the clues that the conductor has disseminated on social media, he has now become negativized and resumes his place at the helm of the talent show. Daniela Collu instead returns to Hot Factor for the post-episode.

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