Alessia Mancini is the center of attention with the red – fuchsia outfit

Look rosso - fucsia Alessa Mancini 1-7-22.

In the 1960s it was blue and brown that were considered hideous, importable. Today we are free, the fashion trends have totally changed and the opinions of others slip on us. The red and fuchsia outfit is a blend of sensuality mixed with vibrant energy if worn in the right way, as Alessia did.

Time flies and to remind us there are birthdays that, fortunately and inexorably, mark our life. Alessia Mancini knows this, that’s why she celebrated, surrounded by her dearest affections, her forty-four years of hers.

Look red - fuchsia Alessa Mancini 1-7-22.

Source: Canva.

Smiling and serene (after the operation passed a few months ago) she posted the event on her Instagram page. Let’s copy her look with one of the most captivating color combos of the moment.

Red calls fuchsia! We dare like Alessia Mancini

If a more sporty cut is preferred to the classic cufflink sleeveless shirt, then we could focus on it Balenciaga, with the basic red short-sleeved t-shirt and white contrasting order writing. On sale on the official website at 495 euros you can also wear it with a pair of blue jeans in September.

Alessia Mancini in red and fuchsia roses 1-7-22.

Source: Instagram.

With H&M it is much closer to the look of our vip today. The red cropped top with crossover is in soft ribbed jersey and also available in black and white. With palazzo trousers it would be ideal but also with a denim skirt you will make a beautiful figure in perfect nineties style.

The shorts with straight leg by Emmiol (28.13 euros) are small red and bright pink checkered, the model is high-waisted and without pockets. To be worn with a neutral slipper and a short top (the choice will therefore fall on white or pink) will make the complete Sunday brunch by the sea even more glamorous.

Pink and red outfits 1-7-22.

Source: Pinterest.

A more naïve alternative are silk trousers by Parosh on sale at 254 euros, 40% off on Farfetch. The large fuchsia flowers and purple details make the fantasy witty and full of joy. If desired, you can combine the coordinated blouse.

In addition to fuchsia we remember that the masculine color, of heart and passion, also goes really well with beige, dark blue and black.

As always, if you were to opt for a particular jeans (like the cut out pocket by Francesca Chillemi) it is better to avoid a mix of strong colors and stay on the basic. In any case, following the mood of the moment – and the occasion – always turns out to be the right solution.

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