Alessia Marcuzzi: here is the report card of her looks

Alessia Marcuzzi: here is the report card of her looks

Nice and sunny, Alessia Marcuzzi has a body with an obvious strength: her legs!

I like Alessia Marcuzzi very much. She is sunny, branchy and nice and gives me the idea of ​​a woman who never takes herself too seriously. What about her looks? Does it always manage to enhance itself? Let's see it together.

Alessia Marcuzzi, the report card of the look: in black with burgundy cuissardes

Let's clarify one thing: Alessia's legs are not, alas, a common gift from Mother Nature! Alessia is lucky enough to have very long, lean and toned legs, a very high center of gravity and a slender body. It goes without saying that the best way to enhance it is to highlight the legs. For example, in the look below, a pair of boots like that look good only on those with legs like yours! That said, what do I think of the look as a whole? Personally, I'm not crazy about the quilted pattern of the jacket and skirt. An objective thing to say is the fact that the cut of the jacket tends to make the shoulders drop: a blazer would have been perfect. Grade 7.

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Alessia Marcuzzi, the report card of the look: in jeans and t-shirt

Maybe because I am a lover of jeans and t-shirts, but I find it always a winning combination. The colors in this look are perfect and even the high-waisted jeans with the boot on top highlights Alessia's slender legs (to be avoided for us mere mortals!). The simplicity of the white t-shirt balances the richness of the jeans. Vote 8.

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Alessia Marcuzzi, the look report card: in Versace

The choice of tights is probably deliberate and is certainly part of the Versace total look, a brand that stands out for its being bright, colorful and full of patterns. Beyond the fact that the color is really very strong, what doesn't excite me is the décolleté / tights combination: it's a bit too Barbie, a boot would have been better, even cuissardes. Rating 6.

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Alessia Marcuzzi, the look report card: with the jumpsuit

Alessia with this suit is really very chic. The waistline brought just lower is fine, given the fact that it has a particularly high center of gravity. Even the soft, slippery cut of the blouse does not wrap the breasts and makes the whole look very feminine. Perfect the golden sandals that illuminate the whole. Vote 8 and a half.

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