Alessia Marcuzzi, negative buffer: the message on Instagram

Alessia Marcuzzi, tampone negativo: il messaggio su Instagram

"The molecular swab gave a NEGATIVE result !!!": Alessia Marcuzzi very happy communicates the result on Instagram. And launch an appeal

Alessia Marcuzzi tested negative for the molecular swab. She announced it herself with a long post on her Instagram profile. The presenter was unable to conduct the episode of the Hyenas on Tuesday 13 October (see the video above) after a quick test had given a "slightly positive" result.

"Fortunately the molecular swab gave a NEGATIVE result !!!", so writes Marcuzzi who then explains to the many fans who worried about her what that slightly positive result meant after which she correctly put herself in isolation: " I'll explain better why I said "slightly positive" in connection with the hyenas since many have asked me ".

Alessia continues: “I was referring to the extremely low value of the rapid antigenic swab, just above the minimum threshold set by the test. This is a screening test which, in case of positivity, must always be confirmed by the molecular swab and must remain isolated pending the outcome ". The result was fortunately negative for the presenter: "Fortunately I tested negative … I am very happy!".

Marcuzzi does not fail to thank all those who have shown affection to her in these days: "Thank you for sending me so many messages of affection in these days, you have kept me company❤️". And then he launches an appeal not to let our guard down: "Please, let's keep our attention high and always wear masks respecting the instructions given by the experts! Let's do it for us, for the people we love and for the respect for others ❤️ ".

Many have responded to his message on Instagram. Starting with VIP colleagues and friends such as Roberta Capua, Asia Argento, Michela Quattrociocche, Elena Santarelli, Laura Pausini, Giorgia. Mara Venier who wrote to her: “Well my love”. While Samantha De Grenet addresses her with these words: “Ale I'm only reading now! I am happy you are fine!!!".

Alessia Marcuzzi

Alessia Marcuzzi – Source: Instagram

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