Alessia Marcuzzi, on Instagram the latest bikini of the summer is amazing

Alessia Marcuzzi

Alessia Marcuzzi on Instagram shows off the latest bikini of the summer and is simply amazing

Temptation Island, all the couples of the edition conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi

Alessia Marcuzzi bewitches everyone on Instagram with the latest bikini of the summer. The presenter has published some shots in which, with diva glasses, she enjoys a bit of sun before landing at the Temptation Island host. “Day off”, wrote the showgirl, posting a shot of her on the beach in a bikini, beautiful as ever.

After the summer, Marcuzzi is ready to devote herself to new television commitments. He will soon be at the helm of the new edition of Temptation Island. After the success of last season, in fact, Maria De Filippi wanted her to lead the reality show once again. A restart for Alessia who in recent months has had to face gossip and indiscretions about the end of her marriage with Paolo Calabresi Marconi. The producer and the presenter have been married since 2014, but some gossip had spoken of a goodbye caused by Stefano De Martino and a clandestine affair discovered by Belen Rodriguez.

Indiscretions liquidated by those directly involved as falsehoods and also commented on by Marcuzzi herself recently. “I have matured, I am less restless – confessed to the weekly Chi -. And I'm not so sure of myself: I'm so fragile, even if others don't see it. I am one who always smiles, I never ask for help, rather I lock myself in the room and cry alone. Because I feel lucky: I had so much love, I have two wonderful children, I have financial security. If I made you see me suffering someone might say: "Fuck off …!". For me, the temptation in a couple is to stay together, breaking up is much easier. Even if I am independent: in life I have achieved everything with my own strength, I do not have to say thanks to a man and I have never had relationships of convenience. If I am with a person, then, it is to be happier ”.

“My husband, Paolo, knows this well and loves me for this too – revealed the host of Temptation Island -, because he is aware of being chosen and knows that, if things don't go, I certainly won't stay there to suffer. But this is also dangerous for me, my independence makes me a slave to my feeling good about myself. Anyway, I don't get along with gossip because I know it's part of my job. But the thing that amazes me is that, often, people prefer to believe more in what they hear than in what they see, perhaps because it is more tantalizing ”.

Alessia Marcuzzi Instagram

Alessia Marcuzzi – Source: Instagram

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