Alessia Marcuzzi tells herself: "I teach my daughter the culture of freedom"

Alessia Marcuzzi tells herself: "I teach my daughter the culture of freedom"

Alessia Marcuzzi talks about herself: her message of strength and freedom that is good for all women

Alessia Marcuzzi: life, career and loves of the most explosive TV presenter

Alessia Marcuzzi has always professed to be a tomboy, but for this very reason her point of view on women and freedom represents a beautiful message, for the female audience as well as for the male one. The presenter gave an interview to the weekly Grazia in which she talked about some of her weaknesses, which are basically not so different from those of many other people.

"When they see you on TV you look invincible, but I too am full of fragility," she confessed. Fragilities that are basically universal, such as the fear of getting old, but also the fear of showing oneself for what one really is, without frills.

A paradox, perhaps, if you think of Alessia Marcuzzi as the woman of the show. Instead, hers is a universal message, in which every woman can find herself. This is why she likes to take the example of "Tonya", the American figure skater played by Margot Robbie in the film of the same name.

"I do like her, who stands in front of the mirror before going to the track and cries and laughs and then puts on her makeup and goes out – he says – Well, in a minute she did what we all do in life, she put on makeup, yes she put on a mask and went on stage. We women, when we look in the mirror like this, we really see each other, we are in contact with ourselves ”, she explained later during a live on Instagram with Silvia Grilli, director of Grazia.

The mask is the one that partly has a saving effect, because it forces us to gather strength and to move forward, despite everything. On the other hand, it represents the limit, the obstacle in showing one's feelings, emotions and fragility. “I think about what I want to pass to Mia, right? I am always telling her, but also showing her, that I was able to make all the choices I made precisely because they were choices, that is, I had a space of freedom in which to choose, and this space is basically my independence ".

That freedom that allows – or should allow – every woman to be what she is, without fearing the judgment of others. "There is a need for aggregation between us women, I say this a lot to my daughter and her friends. They have to merge. A woman under a photo wrote to me: I don't think being free for a woman means being photographed like that. And instead I say why not? We must be free to do everything: to dress as we please, to cover ourselves, to undress, to be winking or not. We have to be as we want ”.

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