Alessia Marcuzzi: Tommaso's shoulder, the best consolation

Alessia Marcuzzi: Tommaso's shoulder, the best consolation

Alessia Marcuzzi, overwhelmed in spite of herself by the gossip gone mad in recent weeks, responded with the silence and embrace of her family

In the midst of the rushing waves of the crazed gossip of the last two weeks, unleashed by the Belen-De Martino-Marcuzzi affair, between Stefano's silence and the paparazzi with Rodriguez's new love, which in the end also had to intervene to appease the hot ones spirits of the web, a spear should be broken in favor of the third uncomfortable tirade (against his will) in question, innocent until proven guilty, indeed, at the moment declaredly acquitted even by those directly concerned. Alessia Marcuzzi.

The presenter, thrown into the hottest cauldron of the summer, was first massacred on the web by the inevitable keyboard lions. Those who first strike first, then (perhaps) understand. Her name has been on the front pages of the tabloids for days, while she was taking a family vacation in the sea of ​​Positano. Not far – alas – from the boat of the alleged lover De Martino. So go for new guesses, embroideries, sentences.

And it doesn't matter that first Stefano, then Belen denied, it doesn't matter that in the stories of the last days of Marcuzzi also the children and her husband Paolo Calabresi appeared. His silence from the early days was interpreted as an absolute assent. Certainly not like the detachment by a person who wanted everything except to end up in the midst of such an "ugly mess", to remain rightly outside of a family matter that should have concerned exclusively De Martino and Rodriguez.

Alessia is silent the same Alessia is guilty. Those who had (like myself) the courage to delve into the comments to Marcuzzi's posts on the offending days, could read the babel of insults spit on the presenter. Stuff to make the readers shiver, let alone the interested person.

Now that the sea has calmed down a little, Alessia continues her vacation in Positano. And between a photo of my daughter and another with my best friends, the last one sees her leaning on the shoulder of her son Tommaso, who joined her. Probably the safest port in which to dock.

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