Alessia Marcuzzi without veils on Instagram: at 48 she is splendid

Alessia Marcuzzi without veils on Instagram: at 48 she is splendid

The presenter is shown topless on social media, the photo has sparked the reactions of fans and colleagues of the TV

Alessia Marcuzzi: life, career and loves of the most explosive TV presenter

Alessia Marcuzzi never ceases to amaze and enchant everyone with her beauty. The presenter has just turned 48 and on Instagram she posted a black and white photo in which she is crouched in profile, topless with a black leggings, a pair of white boots and a black hat pulled down over her face. The caption leaves no doubts, Marcuzzi portrayed herself as a bad girl.

Alessia Marcuzzi has often shared, on her Instagram profile, shots in which she portrays soap and water and others in which she appears decidedly more sensual and now this photo arrives as a gift for her fans. Among the many comments on the post, some colleagues also check to compliment Alessia, including Adriana Volpe who defines her as a “top model” and Jane Alexander who writes “Amazing!”.

Fresh from the great success for the conduction of Temptation Island, of which she has now become the face for the Vip version of the reality of feelings, she is currently on TV with Le Iene. Alessia recently also celebrated her 48th birthday, in the intimacy of her family, a little out of need and a little forced by the circumstances of the health emergency in which the whole country finds itself, surrounded by the love of her husband Paolo Calabresi Marconi (now married almost 7 years ago) and of his daughter Mia Facchinetti portrayed with her in the photos published on social media, the eldest son Tommaso Inzaghi was instead distant in all probability due to restrictions due to the current health emergency.

Even the beautiful Alessia is part of the VIPs who contracted Covid-19 in 2020, in fact she had recently had to temporarily stop running Le Iene due to a "slightly positive" tampon, words that she herself had used on social media for explain his state of health. The emergency that involved her in the first person came back quickly. So Alessia, after only one stop bet, got the green light from negative swabs and was able to return to Nicola Savino's side, fully regaining her state of health.

Alessia Marcuzzi

The sensual shot of Alessia Marcuzzi. Source: Instagram

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