Alessia Ventura pregnant with Covid: "I was afraid for my little girl"

Alessia Ventura pregnant with Covid: "I was afraid for my little girl"

Alessia Ventura is happy that the pregnancy continues without problems, although the Covid contract in December.

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Alessia Ventura rejoices in her pregnancy, finally celebrating the eighth month. Anxiously awaiting meeting with his daughter, he remembers however a very difficult moment, when he contracted Covid in December. The showgirl admits that she was very afraid, living those days with enormous concern.

Pregnant with Gabriele Schembari, a former footballer, Alessia opened up during an interview with Diva and Donna, recalling with great anguish the news of having tested positive at Covid. “I got scared, I was scared for the baby,” she says, adding that fortunately she didn't have to undergo special therapies.

"Covid went away on its own, I just had a little fever, burning in the respiratory tract." Among the symptoms, Alessia clearly remembers the lack of smell and taste. “I was in Sicily when it happened”, he says that fortunately friends and relatives did not lack closeness and strength. The couple spent the quarantine in the city of Ragusa: many delicacies sent by the family, to make their affection felt.

The little girl, who will be called Ginevra, was a gift from heaven for Alessia, who will turn 41 in a few days. A much sought-after adventure that finally began with her great love Gabriele, who supports her, guides her and above all loves her unconditionally.

When Geneva arrives, the showgirl has already announced that she will take some free time, but that in any case she will not give up work in any way. “I will stay with the baby when she is born, but then I will go back to work, it is important for everyone not to lose their job,” she explains.

Alessia Ventura's daughter will arrive in the spring and it is a much awaited moment for the couple. For Alessia, she is the first daughter, much loved and above all expected: Gabriele, on the other hand, celebrates a second birth, as he is already a father. She had a baby boy, who is now eleven, from a past relationship.

On Instagram, the showgirl told, step by step, her exciting pregnancy, reporting many special events, such as the girl's first "kick". And now he is not only looking forward to having her in his arms, especially after the great scare of Covid.

Alessia Ventura pregnant

Alessia Ventura, gorgeous in pregnancy

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