Alex Zanardi, his son Niccolò is his strength

Alex Zanardi

Niccolò is the son of Alex Zanardi: next to his father in the most difficult moments and with his own immense smile

His wife Daniela and son Niccolò are the great strength of Alex Zanardi. The Bolognese champion is very close to his family, especially in the most difficult moments of his life. Niccolò was only 3 years old when the pilot was involved in the terrible accident that changed his life forever and has grown since then with an example of courage and determination in front of him. Blond and handsome like mom Daniela, smiling like dad Alex, he grew up in the spotlight despite his father being very famous.

Born in 1998, he was born two years after Zanardi's wedding with his Daniela, known on the slopes, thanks to the common passion for engines. Niccolò was very young when his father was involved in the accident on the Lausitzring track during the CART championship. There were only thirteen laps left at the end of the race when the Bolognese driver lost control of the vehicle and made a spin. The car stopped in the middle of the track just as Patrick Carpentier and Alex Tagliani arrived at high speed. The first managed to avoid the impact, for the second there was nothing to do instead. Tagliani hit the car on which Zanardi was, waiting for two of them. The terrible accident reduced Alex's death, who suffered several cardiac arrests and the amputation of both legs.

It was his wife Daniela, upon awakening, who revealed to him what had happened and he, as he has already taught us many times, reacted with determination and great courage. At the time, Niccolò was only 3 years old, he was very small, but he still felt that something important had happened. "He perceived prostheses as something that made me special," Zanardi had revealed some time ago in a rare interview in which he spoke of his family.

Smiling and reserved, Niccolò looks a lot like his dad. The two have a wonderful relationship and are very close, as the 22-year-old had confessed on Instagram some time ago. In a shot posted on the social profile of Niccolò Zanardi, the boy smiles together with his father: “Everyone says that my father is an example of life as a sports man – reads -. I think he is an example of life as a father. "

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