Alexandra from Hanover, the half-sister of Charlotte of Monaco

Shy and reserved, Alexandra from Hanover is the half-sister of Charlotte of Monaco, destined to become a new it-girl

Alexandra Di Hannover: loves, looks and the relationship with her sister Charlotte

She is the half-sister of Charlotte of Monaco, but few know her. We are talking about Alexandra from Hannover, the shy princess, Carolina's last child, who is conquering the fashion system.

Reserved and shy, she grew up in the shadow of her older sister, with whom she has a very strong bond, so much so that she decided to follow in her footsteps, between sporting enterprises and glam party. Alexandra was born from the union between Carolina of Monaco and Ernesto Augusto of Hannover, her third husband.

Among the numerous children of Grace Kelly's daughter, she is the only one to have a noble title, and is also ninth in the line of succession to the throne of the Principality of Monaco and 419th in the line to the English throne. Next July will be 20 years old and royal family fans have only recently noticed her.

In fact, in the last year Alexandra from Hanover has become a real veteran of the red carpet, participating in numerous glamorous events. From the Rose Ball in Monte Carlo to the Cannes Film Festival, the princess is often under the flash of photographers and most of the time next to her mother, Carolina of Monaco.

The last appearance together was at the Gala of Mont Blanc, where Alexandra showed great style, sporting a splendid Dior dress with ease. On the other hand, confronting a beauty like Charlotte's (identical to her mother at her age) is not at all simple, yet the princess does not seem to care much about rivalry with her older sister.

On the contrary, those who know them say that the two are very united and have both inherited the elegance of Grace Kelly and her inimitable style. If Charlotte loves riding, Alexandra has a great passion for ice skating, so much so that she even performed with Carolina Kostner. She is also a big fan of Monaco AC and never misses a game.

Slender body and blue eyes, Alexandra is very courted, but her heart is already busy. The princess has in fact been linked for three years to Ben-Sylvester Strautmann, a millionaire scion, son of wealthy German industrialists, who is a DJ and plays basketball.

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