Alexandra of Hanover in the footsteps of Charlotte. And it shines like never before

Alexandra of Hanover in the footsteps of Charlotte. And it shines like never before

Beautiful and elegant, Alexandra from Hanover makes her public debut and enchants everyone

Alexandra Di Hannover: loves, looks and the relationship with her sister Charlotte

The big moment has also come for Alexandra from Hanover: this spring marked her debut, for the first time alone without her sister. But from Charlotte he inherited the style and elegance, as well as the grace in presenting himself in the spotlight.

Born in 1999, Alexandra is the last child of Carolina of Monaco, born from her third marriage with the Prince of Hanover. Since she was a child, she has made a strong bond with her brothers, sons of Stefano Casiraghi: in particular, she has always had a good relationship with Charlotte of Monaco, eleventh in line of succession to the Monegasque throne. Very different, yet equally beautiful and elegant, the two sisters have made a common front over all these years. Alexandra, still very young, found Charlotte's support in every important event.

Her sister's leadership was very important to Alexandra of Hanover. And now she has decided to step out of her shadow, presenting herself to social events alone. It is a real debut, even if it happened in a different way than usual. In fact, the young Alexandra should have been one of the protagonists of the 2020 Ball of the Rose, but the event was canceled due to the emergency situation we are experiencing. Thus, the youngest of the Grimaldi family opted for a press debut.

Alexandra was the protagonist of a beautiful exclusive service on the Spanish magazine Telva, to which she granted splendid photos that portray her in a new guise. She is no longer that little girl who always accompanied Charlotte on public engagements, but a wonderful woman in the prime of her youth. The elegance and beauty inherited them from mom Carolina and grandmother Grace Kelly, this is evident. In the photo shoot he posed in Dior clothes, showing good taste and a keen eye for style.

And for the first time Alexandra told herself, in an exclusive interview reported on the pages of Telva. He revealed his greatest passions to the public, starting from reading and music, then talking about his incredible love for skating. Then she confirmed that she was passionate about fashion, a news that certainly did not arrive unexpected: she and her mom, Carolina of Monaco, were repeatedly seen together with the most important fashion shows. Finally, Alexandra confessed something about her future: “I always knew that studying was important. Now I'm attending Political Science and Philosophy at New York University, maybe that's my way. "

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