Alice Campello, Morata's tender surprise for the anniversary

Alice Campello, Morata's tender surprise for the anniversary

Alice Campello celebrates two years of marriage with Alvaro Morata and he makes her an unforgettable surprise

A romantic dinner on a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, flowers, candles that flicker at the passage of the pleasant summer breeze, the sound of the waves: that would have been a special evening Alice Campello knew it, yet, her Alvaro Morata succeeded, again, to surprise her.

The couple, on the other hand, seems to be experiencing an infinite honeymoon. Since they got married two years ago, with a dream ceremony celebrated in the Basilica of the Redeemer in the enchantment of the Venice lagoon, in the presence of almost five hundred guests, their love, crowned by the birth of two twins, has not stopped grow more every day. The many who follow the model and the footballer on their social profiles know this well.

In fact, husband and wife share their daily lives on Instagram and there is no follower who does not find themselves admiring this couple and their posts, often with a high rate of complicity and romance.

The video posted this morning by the influencer, however, is one of his most beautiful posts ever published and really makes you dream.

The video shows Alice, sitting at the table in a spectacular location, where every detail is taken care of and the perfect atmosphere, for what is about to happen. She plays a little distracted with her cell phone, waiting to order dinner and at that moment Alvaro's voice is heard, inviting her to look at the flowers that adorn their table.

The wife then looks up at a beautiful bouquet of pink and white roses and is speechless. Lying on the petals of the roses there is a card addressed to her that says "happy second anniversary", and a wonderful ring with solitaire.

Alice's eyes widen, she puts her hands to her mouth, she looks really excited and surprised. The woman looks at the ring and turns it between her fingers, incredulous. She turns to her astonished husband “Are you crazy? It's too much, ”he says. But for Alvaro that precious gift is not too much, because it reflects the great love he has for his 'princess' (as he calls her on Instagram commenting on the video). In fact, the footballer does not even listen to the words of his wife, visibly excited at the sight of the precious ring, and only asks her: "Do you want to get married with me?" Alice's answer can only be one: "Yes my love!"

Video taken from Alice Campello's Instagram profile

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