Alice Pol confesses: "My parents thought I was on drugs"

Alice Pol confesses: "My parents thought I was on drugs"

The many faces of Alice Pol

Alice Pol is the new face of French cinema. Born on the island of Réunion but raised in Marseille, Alice will be at the cinema as Supercondriac co-star on March 13 – Laughing is good with Dany Boon. The part of Alice is that of Anna Zvenka, the sweet half of the hypochondriac Dany: a positive (unlike him) and courageous heroine.

Alice Pol starts acting at 15, attending a drama course in Marseille. Then the mess-tin starts. It grinds hundreds and hundreds of kilometers, pacing back and forth from Marseille to Paris, hidden from its parents. An alibi is invented: an imaginary boyfriend from whom he sleeps from time to time. Actually she is away to look for work, a part in a film. But parents become suspicious: Alice spends too much. They don't know that her pocket money uses it to buy train tickets. The father thinks of the worst: his little one takes drugs! Of course then the truth comes to the surface. And Pol realizes her dream: to become an actress.

Actress on the rise, but also a French girl. Alice Pol loves classic fashion with a good deal of innovation. His style icon is the French actress Françoise Fabian, "Whose beauty transcends time". For her, femininity is "the equidistance between authenticity and sensuality". She feels a bit like a tomboy, but she is learning to adopt a new style inspired by her mother and sister, who are very elegant. But his favorite piece is jeans: "I'm so happy that someone invented them". And then, leather jackets, sweaters, trousers: in short, just a bad girl style.

Alice Pol, with her typically French charm, is what is called an actress on the launching pad. Before Supercondriaco – Laughing is good for health has participated in several successful French comedies such as A Perfect Piano, with Dany Boon himself, Emotivi Anonymous and Il Paradiso degli Orchi. Watch the hilarious Supercondriac trailer – Laughing is good.

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