All about Brazilian hair removal

All about Brazilian hair removal

Brazilian hair removal, groin area, partial or total: no depilatory creams, no silk-épil, no razors but go ahead for waxing

Brazilian hair removal is more and more often chosen above all for a matter of hygiene but also to please one's man more. This type of hair removal involves removing only a strip of hair in the groin or all of it. It is possible to do it by the beautician but also at home alone, but taking care not to get bad infections. Now let's see everything you need to know about this type of hair removal.

First time
If for you it is the first time it is better to do it by the beautician, especially if you have opted for a partial Brazilian hair removal, as the professional will give you a form to which you can work later on regrowth.

Evaluate hair removal methods
The important thing to pay close attention to is the choice of the depilation method as they are not all the same. Depilatory creams are absolutely not recommended as they are too aggressive for such a delicate area, the silk-épil that cause too much pain and finally the razors as they are quick and painless and force you to shave almost every day because they make regrowth faster.

The best method: waxing
The best method to choose is the cerettache can be done by the beautician or even at home alone. The most used is hot wax as it is very effective even on the shortest hairs. Cold wax is less used, even if in recent times it is increasingly appreciated that formed by a mixture of sugar, water and lemon.

Treatment frequency
It is good to do the waxing with frequency about once a month and possibly in the period immediately following the menstrual cycle as in this period the skin is less sensitive to pain.

Permanent hair removal: the laser
There is also the definitive depilation which is carried out with a laser treatment capable of eliminating the totality of the hairs forever within a few sessions. Before undergoing the treatment, however, it is good to know that it is not recommended during periods of high stress or hormonal imbalance, and it is essential not to expose yourself to the sun immediately after the sessions.

The advantages of Brazilian hair removal
The advantages of this beauty technique are essentially three, hygiene as the area is easier to clean, the aesthetics as it makes you feel more sexy and finally the comfort because you can wear jeans and bikinis without embarrassment.

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