All Corona women: joys and sorrows

Damned loves and friendships, from the pages of newspapers to the courts or behind bars in Corona women cause trouble

Women and troubles, these are the leitmotifs of Corona's life, every woman a serious trouble. In order from the most recent to the furthest we find

  • Francesca Persi, loyal secretary and manager of Fabrizio Corona, 1,700,000 euros in cash were found in her house – walled in a false ceiling – fruit, I support the lawyers of the collection of evenings, all paid in black to the former king of the paparazzi. Meanwhile Fabrizio ended up in prison on charges of fictitious registration of assets, Francesca Persi, was also the owner of the car with which Corona fled to Portugal after the conviction in 2013. A friend and confidant ended up in trouble for him more than once and now even in prison
  • Geraldine DarĂ¹ ex Fabrizio's collabboratrcie, the one who set him up, even though she from Porro to Matrix, has blatantly denied
  • Belen, three years of passion and love, lived on all the covers of magazines, on social media and on TV. A media love, the perfect couple a dream for everyone
  • Nina Moric, the great love, a marriage and a son Carlos now a teenager, but then also the end of everything and the war here too. She claims money that he would have stolen from her, for him now she feels contempt and shows it to her on social media
  • Silvia Provvedi, the last love of Corona 23 years old, whom Fabrizio a few months ago fondly tried to tear off the bikini on a boat. Fixed couple last spring, 19 years of difference, some photos taken with her on the boat in Capri cost him a restrictive measure.
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