All crazy for Irina: the model conquers the Spanish catwalks

All crazy for Irina: the model conquers the Spanish catwalks

The gorgeous Irina Shayk lost weight? The dress stands out

To simplify, he calls himself Shayk, Irina. Icon of a fashion that looks at the new frontiers of luxury, Russia and Arabia, which coincide with the most interesting markets for the fashion and related industry that knows no crisis, really. She, Russian, has conquered catwalks and photo shoots thanks to her expressiveness in which icy beauty and Mediterranean warmth coexist. And a Golden Ball, Cristiano Ronaldo, a symbol of modern football and Real Madrid.

But Irina is top regardless of the bond with the most celebrated player, after overtaking at the expense of a certain Leo Messi according to the highest authorities on the subject. The model with its mysterious beauty, in its elegant television and fashionist passages, tickles, stimulates, captures the attention of journalists and professionals for that glamorous touch of its own, glaring enough to have brought top models back into fashion as in the best of times.

Measure his choices, evaluate and grant interviews without succumbing to the temptation to answer uncomfortable questions. A talent that has allowed her to accumulate a valuable personal treasure and that also on the Spanish catwalks confirms that professional intelligence that made her the top that comes from the cold.

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