All the benefits of dandelion honey

Dandelion honey is difficult to produce but has many properties. Find out which ones

Dandelion honey is part of the group of early honeys. The flower that is at its origin is in fact the dandelion, that flower of a bright yellow color, which blooms in early spring.

Although dandelion is present everywhere, this variety of honey is not very easy to obtain, in fact it is necessary to have available bees that are capable of collecting their pollen, without mixing it with that of subsequent harvests. Its properties are many, ranging from purifying to diuretic to stimulating hepatic activity.

The characteristics of dandelion honey

Dandelion honey is characterized by its bright yellow color, exactly like that of the flower from which it is produced. Its crystallization is fast and its long stay in ripeners is not recommended, so as not to make it difficult to put it back in jars.

If you are a grower remember that honey contains a high percentage of water, around 20%, which if not eliminated, greatly reduces storage times. The product is characterized by a very pungent odor, reminiscent of ammonia; dandelion honey, on the other hand, has a flavor reminiscent of chamomile.

Dandelion honey: its properties

The properties of dandelion honey are many and the main ones are:

  • diuretic, that is, it aims to eliminate toxins and this is why it is used in purifying diets;
  • purification of the kidneys, better if consumed raw;
  • that help fight cellulite.

Dandelion honey: contraindications

Honey produced with dandelion pollen is good, in many cases, but there are also situations in which its use is not recommended. Dandelion honey has contraindications and in fact it is not recommended for those suffering from gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux and peptic ulcer, in fact it goes to increase the acidity of the stomach.

Other cases in which the dandelion should not be taken are the presence of stones or kidney failure, but also in the case of pregnancy or breastfeeding. If you suffer from pollen allergies, make sure the dandelion is not among those harmful to you before consuming this type of honey.

How to make dandelion honey

Making dandelion honey is a bit complicated. Production requires attention so that the product does not get damaged. Even without bees, however, you can create your "alternative honey". You will only need dandelion, lemon, sugar and water flowers. Put water and lemon in a saucepan and then add the flowers after washing them. Boil on a low heat and then filter everything.

It's time to add the sugar and let it boil for about two hours. Pour the mixture into a jar, when it is still hot, close it and place it upside down. A night of rest and your vegan honey is ready to be enjoyed.

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