All the benefits of Gua-Sha massage for the face

All the benefits of Gua-Sha massage for the face

The Gua-Sha massage is particularly suitable for contrasting facial lines: discover all its features and benefits

Among the hottest trends in facial treatments, the one we hear more and more about is certainly the Gua-Sha massage, but what is this new technique? Specifically, this is a facial stretching performed with particular stones and now considered the holistic alternative to botox. There are many benefits of this particular type of treatment which, first of all, allows you to counteract the signs of aging and make the oval of the face more toned and relaxed. Hugely popular on social media and used by the most established beauty gurus in the industry in their beauty routine, the Gua-Sha massage is a treatment that no beauty enthusiast can miss. Discover below all the benefits and techniques of the most popular facial massage of the moment.

All the benefits of the Gua-Sha massage for the face

Used for centuries in the East as a therapy, Gua-Sha massage is an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine, only recently discovered in the western part of the world and popularized by the hottest stars and influencers of the moment. The name derives from the union of two words: Gua "rub" and Sha "heat". A name not chosen by chance since the Gua-Sha technique is performed by rubbing special natural stone tools such as quartz or jade which, at the end of the treatment, bring a sensation of diffused heat over the entire treated area. But what are the facial benefits of Gua-Sha massage?

Although facial is the best known in the West, there are two different Gua-Sha techniques. Facial Gua-Sha is nothing more than an evolution of the Chinese Gua-Sha therapy performed on the body to eliminate muscle tension and free the body from pain and inflammation by rubbing stones on specific points. By consistently performing the Gua-Sha treatment on the skin of the face, it is possible to dissolve muscle tension and contractions and have a relaxed, healthier and brighter-looking skin. An ad hoc Gua-Sha massage stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation at a much deeper level than traditional massages, allowing to eliminate swelling and gradually smoothing expression lines.

The stimulation also tightens the facial muscles and shapes the V-shape of the face, giving a younger and healthier appearance to the skin. The introduction of the Gua-Sha massage in the daily beauty routine allows you to have a visibly more uniform and homogeneous complexion, to reduce dark circles and reduce facial skin dehydration or excessive sebum production. In addition to the benefits it brings to the lymphatic system and microcirculation, this type of massage also has an effect on the nervous system as the sequence of delicate movements and muscle relaxation helps relieve stress, bringing a widespread feeling of well-being.

Facial Gua-Sha: how is it done?

As previously mentioned, the Gua-Sha massage is performed with special tools of different shapes, made with natural stones, usually rose quartz or jade. Each massage stone has its own specific function and some are intended for professional use only. For self-massage, heart-shaped or fish-shaped stones are generally recommended, as they are very easy and intuitive to use. Before proceeding with the massage, it is important to prepare the skin of the face by first carrying out a thorough cleansing and, subsequently, applying a face oil or a very rich cream all over the face, without forgetting the neck. This step is very important to avoid irritating the skin of the face and to allow the stone to slide well during the treatment.

Step 1: neck

Begin your beauty ritual from the back of the neck, using the top of the heart-shaped stone. Apply light pressure, sliding the tool up to the hairline with fluid movements starting from the bottom and going upwards. Then, move to the sides, sliding the stone from the collarbone to the attachment of the ear. Finish by massaging the front area of ​​the neck, applying minimal pressure in the area that goes from the trachea to the chin.

Step 2: lower jaw, cheeks and cheekbones

This time using the widest curved part of the heart stone, continue with the jaw massage. Keeping the skin taut, proceed with movements that follow the jawbone, sliding the stone smoothly from bottom to top on both sides. For the cheeks, use the upper part of the stone again and, keeping the skin taut, start the movements starting from the bridge of the nose and following the nasolabial wrinkles. Then continue massaging the eyebrow arch from the inside to the outside to stimulate the cheekbone area.

Step 3: forehead

Use the longer concave part of the stone again to massage the forehead area starting from the area in the middle of the eyebrows and bringing it up, towards the hairline. Then, move to the sides starting the stone from the eyebrows. It is preferable to repeat all the steps at least three times during the treatment. By practicing the Gua-Sha massage for 5-10 minutes a day you will notice visible improvements in your skin already after a few weeks!

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