All the benefits of pressotherapy

All the benefits of pressotherapy

Pressotherapy is a very effective aesthetic treatment to counteract some skin imperfections: discover all its benefits

In the last period we have heard more and more often about pressotherapy, but few people know what it really is and the benefits that can be obtained with perseverance and patience. In fact, the most famous influencers in the digital world and, in particular, Instagram, have talked a lot about pressotherapy: the youngest have learned about this recent technique thanks to the "stories" of the most followed it girls on the Web. , in fact, it was a stimulation known only by a small circle, to date we can say that it has depopulated a lot, among the youngest and not. Pressotherapy is a professional technique that is purely based on pressure in some parts of the body and which helps fight cellulite and various imperfections. It should be emphasized that pressotherapy is used in aesthetic medicine and for this reason it has not only benefits, but also contraindications that it is important not to underestimate.

Those who absolutely cannot undergo this type of therapy usually suffer from particular pathologies. However, the conditions that can benefit from this treatment are: lymphedema, varicose veins, post phlebitic syndrome, post thrombotic syndrome, venous insufficiency. Therefore, it is a treatment that visibly improves the functioning of the lymphatic and circulatory system. The areas mainly affected are the thighs, buttocks, arms and the abdominal belt. Obviously, it is good to remember that each body is different and that some treatments may prove less effective than others: in general, however, pressotherapy gives objective results in a short time. The best thing is to consult a doctor to get a precise and complete opinion and not to incur unpleasant surprises: only those who know the patient's medical history can provide wise and honest advice.


  • Pressotherapy: how it works in detail
  • Pressotherapy: benefits and contraindications
  • Pressotherapy: is it a treatment suitable for everyone?
  • Pressotherapy: costs and sessions
  • How to choose your trusted specialist
  • Pressotherapy: yes or no?

Pressotherapy: how it works in detail

Pressotherapy is a widely used curative treatment in the aesthetic field and now we will see how it works in detail. It is mostly based on the external pressure exerted on the abdomen limbs: all this serves to stimulate and improve lymphatic and venous circulation. This type of massage is perfectly capable of draining the fluids present in certain areas, detoxifying and regenerating the body at the same time. Pressotherapy is a treatment that, if performed correctly, has no negative effects and allows to reactivate the lymphatic circulation. The pressure can then be adjusted according to different needs to make the machine massage more effective.

The person who chooses to undergo a pressotherapy session does not require any specific preparation. In fact, the patient is made to sit on a bed and immediately afterwards the specialist proceeds with a massage that stimulates the emptying of the lymph node stations. Subsequently, some applicators are positioned in the affected areas, which are then connected to the machinery itself. These applicators are very comfortable, have an anatomical shape and swell in orderly succession when the operator operates the machinery: they start from the peripheral areas to get to the innermost ones.

The sensation is a more or less strong pressure, but never painful or annoying, according to the option selected by the expert. The treatment can last up to 50 minutes and positively affects the health and well-being of the subject undergoing it. This therapeutic treatment, in fact, helps improve venous and lymphatic circulation, tones the muscles, eliminates excess fluids and reduces abdominal swelling. In short, we are talking about a real cure-all!

Pressotherapy: benefits and contraindications

Pressotherapy boasts numerous important benefits: progressive swelling and deflation allows you to quickly and effectively reactivate circulation, as well as drainage and therefore the elimination of excess fluids. Obviously, this also means eliminating an enormous amount of toxins. Furthermore, this treatment helps a lot to fight water retention, the enemy in the front row of all women, young and old. In fact, pressotherapy facilitates the liquid sorting process: it is therefore the ideal treatment also to eliminate the imperfections of cellulite.
Pressotherapy also aims to relieve swelling in the legs and helps fight all the typical pathologies of the venous and lymphatic system: the most common is lymphedema. It is the pathology that causes the accumulation of proteins and liquids in the tissues, causing the legs to take on an unsightly appearance.

Last but not least, we want to remember that pressotherapy promotes weight loss. We can affirm that pressotherapy has no particular contraindications, although it is not recommended for people suffering from heart failure, suffering from deep vein thrombosis, neoplasms in the areas to be treated and women who are pregnant. Among the side effects of pressure therapy are skin hardening and possible breakage of the capillaries in the area undergoing treatment. Therefore, to avoid this kind of situations, it is good to combine pressure therapy with other treatments: lymphatic drainage, for example. This is a particular type of massage designed to facilitate the outflow of stagnant liquids, characterized by an enormous amount of toxins. Bandages are also an excellent treatment to combine with pressotherapy to avoid side effects: linen bandages are soaked in a solution based on essential oils

Pressotherapy: is it a treatment suitable for everyone?

As previously stated, pressotherapy has no particular contraindications; only in the aforementioned cases it is good to pay more attention. It is obviously not a suitable therapy for pregnant women and, since it acts on the circulatory system, those suffering from particular pathologies are advised to consult a doctor. Although pressotherapy is a treatment suitable for all ages, obviously with due attention, it is not recommended for those who have undergone skin operations or for those suffering from dermatitis. In any case, it is highly recommended to consult a specialist if you wish to start this type of treatment in several sessions. It is essential that centers are equipped with high quality and regulatory compliant equipment.

Pressotherapy: costs and sessions

Depending on the duration, the price of a pressotherapy session can vary. But not only that, the price is also different according to the customer's needs. A pressotherapy session can last up to 50 minutes and to obtain visible and real results it is advisable to make at least 6-7 appointments at your beauty center. The ideal is to complete a complete cycle of 10 sessions. The cost, as previously stated, is variable: from 40 to 70 euros per session. This is why we recommend buying affordable packages with complimentary seats: there are many and for all tastes!

Overall, therefore we can say that a complete cycle of pressotherapy is around 500-600 euros. The cost of this treatment is however justified by the fact that it allows you to relax and recharge during periods of high stress. The sensation of relaxation and well-being is immediate: the machine massage is very pleasant and delicate. The reactivation of the circulation, in fact, is very relaxing and gives new energy to the body. To try!

How to choose your trusted specialist

Pressotherapy is a treatment that everyone can take advantage of: the really important thing is to know how to choose the right specialist who is able to evaluate the compatibility of the therapy with the patient. It is certainly not an economic treatment and the specialist you choose to contact must be evaluated very carefully, including the price. We recommend the simplest move: arm yourself with patience and ask for as many quotes as possible! Being a rather expensive therapy, it is good to know how and where your money will be spent and to guarantee a real and visible result over time.

Pressotherapy: yes or no?

Pressotherapy yes: an ideal treatment to combat swollen legs, water retention and cellulite blemishes. It is not a miracle, but a very valuable aid to improve skin imperfections; even better if combined with a diet or sport. Apart from the aforementioned contraindications, pressotherapy is a concrete help and promotes the actual well-being of the body. The benefits of pressotherapy, in fact, are also demonstrated by scientific studies and the experience of many patients.
The set objectives are easily achieved after a series of sessions, which must be attended with constancy and commitment by the interested parties. In fact, the results are visible starting from the sixth session, approximately. Patience is the key to everything!

We recall loudly that pressotherapy is absolutely not painful, on the contrary, it generates a very pleasant sensation in the areas undergoing treatment. The specialist's task is obviously to calibrate the pressure according to the patient's needs, i.e. the amount of air to be infused into the applicators. So, if you are looking for a truly effective treatment, eat a balanced diet and play sports, this is for you. If you prefer to be comfortable on the sofa at home, pressotherapy can still be a valuable aid even if the action and benefits will be visible.

However, remember that before starting this type of treatment, it is essential to make sure that you do not suffer from various diseases, such as: varicose veins, heart problems, kidney failure, liver cirrhosis, severe arteriosclerosis and not being pregnant. For the rest, we would like to give the green light to this therapy: what are you waiting for? Contact your trusted specialist now!

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