All the benefits of royal jelly

All the benefits of royal jelly

Royal jelly is a real natural remedy capable of giving us nourishment and energy: here's what you need to know

Among natural supplements, it is perhaps one of the most loved ingredients ever. We are talking about royal jelly, a fabulous natural remedy that helps us when we need it most, such as in times of high stress or when we simply need to regain strength. Here are some indications on how to use it to benefit them to the maximum in health and beauty, even from your own hair.

All the benefits of royal jelly

Royal jelly is a 100% natural gelatinous secretion produced by bees that has very important restorative and toning properties that help body and mind to restore their main functions. Royal jelly is made up of 60-70% water, 11-23% sugars, 9-18% proteins, 4-8% lipids. Don't be alarmed! The sugars present inside the royal jelly are those of fructose, glucose and sucrose, also present in honey. Royal jelly is also very rich in essential amino acids, of great importance for the synthesis of proteins. Its original function is to support the queen bee and the development of its larvae, but humans can also benefit from this fabulous elixir.

What does royal jelly contain?

In royal jelly there are phenolic compounds, flavonoids, enzymes, vitamins of group B, A, C and E. It is also rich in vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), very important for energy metabolism and the development of mental abilities, including concentration, learning and memory. Its high dose of mineral salts, such as iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium. The richness of defined bioactive substances makes royal jelly a fabulous ingredient to be introduced as a supplement in your daily diet. Among them, we list apalbumin, rich in essential amino acids, peptide compounds such as royalisin and jelleins, with antimicrobial action, defensin-1, a peptide whose activity contributes to the healing of skin wounds and many others. Now that we have made a quick summary of the fabulous properties of royal jelly, we will try to explain to you why this food should enter your daily diet.

Why integrate royal jelly into your daily diet

According to some studies, royal jelly has proven effective in fighting "bad cholesterol", instead increasing the good one. In addition, many studies claim that royal jelly can contribute to the improvement of muscle capacity under stress, respiratory capacity and energy levels. Furthermore, if consumed in the right quantities, it is the perfect food for those who need to improve their appetite. Also excellent for its antioxidant effects, royal jelly is the food you are looking for if you want to nourish your body not only from outside, with targeted creams, but also inside. For example, not many people know that it is also an excellent strengthening agent that slows down and prevents hair loss. It is no coincidence, in fact, that this ingredient is contained in many products for the beauty of your hair.

Vitamin B5, in fact, is responsible for the regeneration of hair follicles, improving the health of the skin and consequently of your hair, which will grow healthier and stronger. According to some studies, royal jelly reduces the onset of white hair and that of dandruff, with vitamin B9 which slows down the seasonal fall. Use it especially if in combination with honey for unrepeatable effects on your hair eager for pampering and nourishment. To what extent to consume royal jelly? Like any supplement, royal jelly should be consumed in regular cycles. Try it for 2-3 weeks with an interval of 3 months, and experience its potential benefits on your body and your sports activities.

Royal jelly is consumed especially in the changes of season, especially between winter and spring, when you feel tired, listless or you are more vulnerable to possible bacterial attacks. It takes very little: one gram a day for adults, half for children. And one should not think that royal jelly is a product that cannot be consumed during the diet: it is a low-calorie product, which however could stimulate your appetite. Keep the vials in the refrigerator to keep them in full freshness, and don't be afraid to turn to the web to find the formulation that best suits your needs.

Royal jelly: what to watch out for

The only contraindications for royal jelly concern those who take anticoagulants, which could interfere with the effects of the medicine. Even children can benefit from royal jelly, to be taken in flavored tablets to provide them with all the energy they need to better face each day.

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