All the benefits of the emotional shower

All the benefits of the emotional shower

The emotional shower is a practice that helps to relax and regenerate: find out how it works and what its benefits are

There is no beauty center that does not include it among its services: the emotional shower, or a multisensory journey made of water, colors and smells, is a real cure-all. If you feel particularly tired, stressed and exhausted, a few hours between water and a relaxed atmosphere will do you nothing but good. The emotional shower is very often associated with saunas or Turkish baths in wellness programs designed to provide a 360 ° benefit, which embraces body, mind and soul. Are you curious to find out all about this practice? We reveal the secrets in this article.

How the emotional shower works

The fundamental principle that regulates the emotional shower is the alternation of water jets. The latter differ not only in temperature, with a continuous hot / cold sequence, but also in the pressure at the outlet from the dispenser. In fact, the intensity varies over time, and goes from the simulation of rain to the waterfall, until it reaches the actual nebulization. As for the jet, it can be not only vertical, as in common showers, but also horizontal thanks to the dispensers positioned on the walls of the shower compartment. The colors and scents of the atmosphere also change synchronously in harmony with the release of the water. In this way, the benefits will not only affect our body, but also the mind, giving a feeling of calm and relaxation. The emotional shower has no contraindications, so anyone can undergo the treatment, drawing psychic and physical benefit.

The benefits of the emotional shower

The benefits of the emotional shower, as already mentioned, affect different spheres, and unlike many other hydrotherapy practices are not only good for the body, but also and above all for the mood. Each effect that characterizes this experience has in fact specific consequences on our organism. Let's see them in detail.

Effects of water yield

The properties of water have been known since ancient times, and even the emotional shower makes extensive use of it. On the one hand, cold jets have the ability to firm up tissues, for example, while hot ones have a vasodilating effect and are able to purify and cleanse the epidermis. Moreover, thanks to the alternation of cold and hot water, the emotional shower also has the effect of reactivating and improving blood circulation: this process, in addition to relieving the pressure of the legs and arms, also has an excellent effect against cellulite .

Effects of chromotherapy

In the emotional shower, nothing is left to chance, and even the alternation of colors does not simply have a scenographic role. In fact, chromotherapy acts on our soul, and each shade of color chosen has a very precise effect. For example, blue has a calming and refreshing effect, while red conveys strength and energy. Orange gives optimism, joy and good humor, while green increases balance, serenity and concentration.

Effects of aromatherapy and music therapy

Finally, odors also have a very specific task. The use of fragrances that evoke the scents of plants and flowers, such as Scots pine, citrus and sandalwood, reduces stress, calms the nerves and helps sleep. Similarly, the relaxing music that accompanies you throughout the journey helps to make the whole experience even more complete.

Emotional shower at home

To enjoy all the benefits of an emotional shower, it is not always necessary to go to a wellness center. In fact, many retailers make available to private individuals tools that are in all respects similar to those of beauty farms, obviously reduced in size. Many celebrities and personalities from fashion and entertainment have relegated a corner of their homes to the spa, complete with an emotional shower as the icing on the cake. If you do not have the budget to buy an avant-garde piece of furniture such as the emotional shower, you can also try to recreate a DIY version.

In fact, you can buy different equipment, adapting and organizing them according to your needs and tastes. The first investment to make is a ceiling light that alternates different jets of water, which can also be combined with shower heads for chromotherapy or, alternatively, multicolored lamps. Finally, you can buy perfume dispensers to top it all off and allow yourself a few hours of relaxation just as if you were in a specialized facility.

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