All the thanks we should say to our dad

All the thanks we should say to our dad

You have been, and still are, my guide to the world. And I'll never stop saying thank you, dad

Hi dad, I am writing for you today, to thank you. I use writing because the fingers of my hands would not be enough to keep track of all the graces that are destined for you. Because I know that you are somewhat resigned to that story that everyone tells, the one that says that the bond between mother and daughter is special and unique. Yet I want to reassure you that ours is too.

It is because you brought me into the world, because you decided to become a father despite the difficulties of the time, because you had the courage to take on that role, to bet on me. Even though you never looked me in the eye, you already loved me.

Maybe it took me a little longer to fall in love with you, but it didn't take much for me to find what I was looking for in your eyes: my guide to the world. And that's why I have to say thank you dad, for accompanying me towards exploration, for making me curious and courageous, for making me want to become like you. And today I can say that that mission is accomplished.

So I just have to say thank you dad, for having been there in all the most important moments of my life. For being interested in my things, for being curious but never intrusive. Thank you for respecting my moments of solitude and for understanding that some secrets I could only confess to mom.

Thank you for cuddling me and also for scolding me sometimes, without ever mortifying me. You always told me that my mistakes were nothing more than an opportunity to improve and learn, and I believed you. And I did well.

Thank you for supporting me in my life choices, even if perhaps you imagined a different future for me. Your support has been of vital importance to me. And thanks also for playing with me, even when you came back tired from a heavy shift and you took out the last hours of the day to sit on the ground, on the floor, and make me laugh.

Thank you for being protective and caring, but for letting me choose and make my mistakes. And thanks above all for holding my hand and for having the courage to leave it to allow me to grow.

Thank you for the bond you have managed to create between us. Thanks for everything you are, dad.

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