All Together Now, Michelle Hunziker is pure energy. And the Tatangelo dares in red

All Together Now, Michelle Hunziker is pure energy.  And the Tatangelo dares in red

The new episode of “All Together Now” is a concentrate of emotions: Michelle Hunziker is always more beautiful

Anna Tatangelo, gorgeous in costume: photos on Instagram

More and more beautiful and elegant, Michelle Hunziker brings home a new success with the third episode of All Together Now. The Canale 5 musical show, now in its fourth edition, does not change its team and is reconfirmed among the most followed by the public. And much of the credit undoubtedly goes to the splendid presenter, who every time transforms the stage into a real concentrate of energy.

Michelle Hunziker, la star di All Together Now

The beautiful Michelle is the hostess, at the helm of All Together Now since its inception: it was she who brought the show to success, conquering the audience with her overwhelming sympathy and pure determination. In this third episode she showed off a candid and virginal look, with an incredible charm. Hunziker has in fact chosen a long-sleeved crop top with a soft and not very enveloping cut, combining it with a pleated skirt long at the ankles. All in a delightful off-white color, embellished with silver reflections that, under the spotlights, allowed it to shine.

Slightly wavy hair, left loose behind, an intense make-up on the eyes to highlight her magnetic gaze and a lot, a lot of energy to bring in front of the cameras: Michelle Hunziker could not be more beautiful, giving us one of the best versions of herself. But she was certainly not the only one to attract the attention of viewers, because she had a poker of aces at her side throughout the episode, which can well be said to be the pride of the program. We are obviously talking about the jury, a force of nature.

Anna Tatangelo and Rita Pavone, beauty and energy

A winning team does not change, and since last year All Together Now has kept its lineup of jurors intact: J-Ax, Rita Pavone, Francesco Renga and Anna Tatangelo are once again in the front row to evaluate the performances of the competitors of the show, often in stark contrast to the opinion of the Wall (and the beauty of the broadcast is this too). Each of them has very clear ideas, and certainly does not spare themselves when it comes to giving their own judgment. And there is an element that, never like this time, has united them all: a real rock look.

It is that of Rita Pavone, who chose a pair of white trousers combining them with an “aggressive” jacket, with an intense red color that gives it great liveliness. And it is obviously that of Anna Tatangelo, beautiful as always. On this occasion she wore an enchanting and sensual fiery red dress, with delicate weaves on the hips. An enveloping minidress, which highlighted her breathtaking physique, even more enhanced by the vertiginous heels she wore. She and Pavone showed infectious energy, performing on stage like two little girls. And they gave us an explosion of determination that thrilled us.

Anna Tatangelo a All Together Now

Anna Tatangelo

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