All Together Now, Michelle Hunziker shines in white and Tatangelo is moved

Michelle Hunziker mostra il dietro le quinte del suo profilo Instagram e stupisce

Michelle Hunziker is the star of "All Together Now": in white she is truly enchanting. And the first tears of emotion arrive

The highly anticipated third season of All Together Now opens with a bang: Michelle Hunziker, more bubbly than ever, introduces the jury and kicks off the challenge, in a riot of splendid voices and great emotions. So much so that Anna Tatangelo was moved on hearing the story of a young competitor.

The first episode of All Together Now presented the many novelties of this season, starting with the introduction of the jury. Francesco Renga, Anna Tatangelo, Rita Pavone and J-Ax will help the “Muro” in evaluating the competitors, giving their opinion on the performances that will take place on stage in the coming weeks.

Their entrance on the scene was surprising: Tatangelo gave a twist to her look and, with a yellow blouse with a plunging neckline and a black midi skirt, she enchanted everyone. While Rita Pavone, opting for a very rock outfit, showed off a pair of trousers studded with sequins and a black leather shirt.

But the real star is Michelle Hunziker, gorgeous in a long white dress adorned with black embroidery embellished with glitter, with a high collar and front slit. Her radiant smile is the perfect accessory to a delightful look, and it is once again her overwhelming sympathy that conquers the audience.

The show started with a bang: the first performance left everyone breathless, winning 97 votes out of the 100 available among those assigned by the "Wall". And the following performances were no less, so much so that the judges found themselves in difficulty in trying not to distribute too high votes from the first moment.

One of the most touching performances was that of Beatrice Baldaccini, a young Milanese competitor who has a very exciting story behind her. The girl has been living with her boyfriend for years, and would like to win in order to finally buy a house. But his real dream is to give his mom the trip she has always wanted, to discover the beauties of Machu Picchu.

“She has always made sure my dreams come true. And then we lived an evil together, I'm talking about us because we all lived it together, as well as those who experience it firsthand ”- explained Beatrice in the presentation video. In the studio, Anna Tatangelo has not been able to hold back her emotion, identifying herself with the young competitor: she too has experienced difficult moments next to her mother, but has always preferred to keep the utmost confidentiality on the matter.

Baldaccini, singing Noemi's beautiful Vuoto a perdue, proved to have a shivering voice and crazy grit, characteristics that won over the jury. But many other competitors have given her a hard time: this first episode of All Together Now was truly amazing, and marks the beginning of a season that will surely keep us in suspense until the last moment.

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