All Together Now, Michelle unsurpassed: enchants and does not let herself be intimidated

Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker, with a look that leaves you breathless, masterfully leads the second appointment of All Together Now, keeping controversy at bay

Second appointment for All Together Now, the show hosted by Michelle Hunziker that puts the passion for music at the center of attention. In fact, the challenge of the thirteen competitors continues, struggling by unleashing their voice and their talent to grab the rich prize money.

All Together Now, Michelle Hunziker insuperabile

The absolute protagonist of the show is, therefore, the music, enhanced not only by the competitors and their artistic qualities, but also by the cast of the program. In addition to a wall made up of 100 characters, experts in the world of music and entertainment in various capacities, there is also an exceptional jury made up of extremely appreciated artists: Anna Tatangelo, J-Ax, Francesco Renga and Rita Pavone.

Flawless hostess, who with her panache and sparkling personality makes every appointment a party for competitors and viewers, Michelle Hunziker. In each episode he manages to conquer the public not with his iconic smile, but also with his looks.

And this time Michelle has outdone herself. She chose black, wearing a wonderful strapless dress, with structured bodice, plunging neckline, open back. The length at the ankles, the adherence of the dress that highlights the body and the slit makes the whole look elegant and sensual at the same time. To sum it up in one word: flawless.

Michelle Hunziker: Clashes don’t scare her

The Hunziker drives without the program without hesitation and is not intimidated even by controversy. In fact, a quarrel has arisen within the studio between a competitor, Michelle Perera, with a very strong personality and who is facing a path of acceptance of her physicality, against Micol Ronchi, a member of the wall of judges. The presenter, without getting upset, took sides in defense of the participant, taking the opportunity to launch a positive message.

In fact, explaining the competitor’s point of view, Hunziker asked her to tell the story of the difficulties she experienced this summer, creating the opportunity for a constructive comparison and proving, once again, to always be on the side of women:

I was judged for how I dressed – said the competitor -, they told me: “You can’t wear certain clothes because you have curves, you are not beautiful”. And I have opposed these things.

All Together Now, Anna Tatangelo shines in the jury

Also beloved Anna Tatangelo, who in the jury manages to attract attention with her sometimes piqued judgments, which also trigger the characters that make up the human wall, but always seasoned with competence and passion.

For this episode, Tatangelo has decided to shine also in the look, so she opted for an outfit consisting of a long-sleeved shirt with a very deep V-neckline and a mini-skirt covered with fringes made of very bright rhinestones. Simply beautiful.

Between laughter, moments of tension, a competent jury and competitors ready to get involved, Michelle Hunziker has managed to build a show that appeals to young and old. Who will manage to conquer the final prize pool?

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