All types of rollers and how to use them correctly

All types of rollers and how to use them correctly

Curlers are a valuable tool for creating ringlets, curly or wavy hair: here is how to use them and what types exist

Beloved by those who dream of curly hair, wavy hair or defined curls, hair curlers are the most popular styling accessories ever. They have a long history behind them and, despite their slightly vintage air, are still used by hairdressers and beauty experts in backstage events and fashion shows. Large, small and with particular shapes: the types of rollers are really many, created to achieve very different effects and able to adapt to the needs of all women.

Supermodels are crazy about it, while the most famous hair stylists can't do without it. On the other hand the rollers really do everything: in the maxi version they help to create a perfect styling, smoothing the tips and giving volume to the roots without the use of the brush, the classic ones instead are excellent for showing off curly or wavy hair.

All types of rollers

The rollers are not all the same, but there are various types that have been studied and created for different styling needs. The most famous ones are undoubtedly the big rollers, great for long hair and for those who dream of them super smooth without having to fight with the brush. Small curlers, on the other hand, are ideal for those with short hair and want a curly look. Usually they should be applied to wet hair and need a more or less long laying period. From the hairdresser the drying takes place under the classic helmet, while at home you can take advantage of the heat generated by the hairdryer.

Not only: on the market you can find many other types of rollers, such as those in soft sponge, which do not pull the strands, those in silicone or self-heating, appreciated by many women because they are very comfortable. In the beauty case of many women, the foam rubber sticks can be used to create the twists. Finally, the most recent find are the curlers with built-in brushes that give a beauty salon styling.

How to use rollers

How to use curlers? Each type of curler requires a particular application. In general, the classic version should be used on wet hair, while soft terry hair can be applied to dry or damp hair to make curls and curls. Obviously in the first case the fold will last much longer, while in the second, even using lacquer or other products, the strands will remain in order at most for a day.

How to put curlers – Source: 123rf

How should curlers be applied? Here too everything depends on the result you want to achieve. If you dream of a curly and voluminous hairstyle, place them starting from the ends until you reach the top of the head. The wavy effect or beach waves instead can be obtained using the curlers from the tips up to half length. In any case, the hairdressers recommend applying the curlers always starting from the central crown of the head and dividing the section into strands, starting from the front and proceeding slowly towards the rear. Once this work is completed, continue on the sides, proceeding in a circular fashion in the lower area.

Which rollers to choose

The choice of curlers is inevitably linked to the result you want to achieve. For short hair it is better to focus on the mini or medium version. They give a super curly hair, they are in plastic or metal and are applied by fixing them with hairpins. Large rollers are ideal for long hair and are used regularly in the backstage of major fashion shows. They are very comfortable because they don't need to be fixed, they give volume to the roots and a smooth crease.

The twist curlers, known as torciglioni, allow instead to create soft curls with a natural effect. They are made of wire and can be folded at will to hold the lock in place. Among the most interesting types of rollers we find the heating or thermal ones, which in a few seconds guarantee a perfect crown and a voluminous look without any effort, reaching a temperature up to 50 degrees.

Different types of hair curlers – Source: 123rf

On the market we find the spiral plastic curlers, which work the locks with a hook, creating perfect curls. They are used on dry hair and offer a perfect result that lasts 24 hours. The less expert in hairstyles prefer to use flexible sponge rollers, sold with integrated clips and useful for creating movement over the entire length.

The solution including brush and curlers is also excellent. It is a kit, sold online or in stores, which allows, by dividing the foliage into locks, to obtain soft curls.

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