All you need to know about the Tinder app

Tutto quello che devi sapere su l’app Tinder

Tinder is a young app ideal for making new friends and meeting love: here's how it works and what to watch out for

Tinder is a very fashionable dating app in recent times: it is present in 140 countries and has about 50 million users. It is easily downloadable from the Google Store for those who own Android and from the App Store for those who use iPhone technology. Therefore, the site does not currently exist, only the application.

Tinder is a mobile app that allows registered users to meet new people and communicate very easily and quickly, without too many complications.

The Tinder dating app was launched in 2012 and is considered to be among the first "swiping apps", in which the user uses the "swipe" function to select the person he is potentially interested in. Using Tinder is not difficult at all: you just need to have a smartphone, download the application and register to be able to start chatting with existing users.

Once the application has been downloaded, you will need to register an account by phone number or Facebook. It is advisable to enter as much information as possible in your profile, excluding sensitive data such as telephone number and residential address: this, because obviously it is important to create an account as true and serious as possible.

It is good, however, to also pay attention to the profiles of other users, observe them carefully and try to understand if you are in front of real people with serious intentions. Therefore, on your profile you will have to enter your name, age, a brief description of your hobbies, your interests and some photos (even selfies).

If you like, you also have the possibility to indicate what type of work you do or the school you attended: this is additional information to make your profile as concrete as possible. Once you have entered your details, it's time to set your preferences and start looking for new friends and, why not, a soul mate.


  • Tinder: how to set preferences
  • How to create a perfect Tinder profile
  • Boost and superlike – all of this is Tinder
  • Is Tinder paid?
  • Is Tinder dangerous?

Tinder: how to set preferences

Once you've downloaded the Tinder app on your smartphone and created your account, it's time to set up some filters and preferences, so you can only find like-minded people.

At this point, you will have to choose who you are interested in chatting with and possibly meeting: men, women or both. In addition, you have the option to set the age range, as well as the maximum distance from you in kilometers. Therefore, Tinder will show you a series of photos of registered users, perfectly in line with the filters you set up.

It is clear that these settings are advantageous, but also disadvantageous: you have the possibility to limit the range of action, and therefore exclude people who may have different intentions with respect to an acquaintance; but also preclude you from meeting someone really interesting.

From the long series of photos, you have the option of selecting who you like or attract (physically speaking, of course) by clicking on the heart-shaped button, or by swiping your finger to the right. At the same time, you can discard who is not of your interest by swiping left and moving on to the next user.

If the person you like also responds positively by means of the heart-shaped key, you can obtain the so-called match: the possibility of exchanging private messages automatically appears. This is clearly not a mandatory opportunity. One of the great advantages of Tinder is that there is no obligation to communicate with people to whom you have not sent the approval, even if they have shown an interest in you.

How to create a perfect Tinder profile

It might seem trivial and obvious, but the best way to create a perfect profile on Tinder and find compatibility with other users is precisely to enter truthful information and know how to make the most of the features offered by the app itself. The secret is not only to upload beautiful and impressive photos, but to have a sufficient number of them to be able to make other users understand that you are a real person and that the sole purpose is to make new friends.

In fact, the photos must not be too artificial: a series of selfies will be more than enough. Also, enter a bio: tell something about yourself, nothing too personal, but try to provide all the information you need so that the people closest to you can contact you easily.

Boost and superlike – all of this is Tinder

The Tinder app has several functions designed to establish compatibility between users: the best known are certainly the super like and the boost.

The super like corresponds to the button with the blue star and the person who receives it, when they visit your profile, will be aware of your appreciation. Obviously, the opposite is also true. The boost, which also exists in a "super" and paid version, allows your profile to be more visible for about thirty minutes.

The “super” version, and therefore even more functional, can only be used by premium Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold subscribers. The concept, quite simply, is precisely that of taking full advantage of all the features of the application, as well as expanding your network of users. In this way, you have the possibility of being viewed up to a hundred times more. In short, a truly excellent service! These new tools have ensured that turnover and subscribers to the service grow rapidly.

Is Tinder paid?

This is perhaps one of the most popular questions: is Tinder paid? Yes, but also no. Now we will explain it to you better and in a very simple way: some versions of Tinder, as happens for many other apps or sites, are obviously paid, but allow users to take advantage of a greater number of features.

To start, we recommend that you use the basic version: you can still communicate with many users, based on the filters you set. A lot of people use it and are really happy with it. Instead, if you want to invest and spend a few euros more, it is good that you do it as an already experienced user.

In any case, we present two different subscription plans that you might think of once you learn how to use the app: Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus.

Tinder Gold offers the possibility of having unlimited "likes", 5 Super Likes per day, 1 boost per month, but also the ability to geolocate yourself and cancel the last swipe. The second, Tinder Gold, offers exactly the same features plus the ability to see who sends you a liking. Beautiful, is not it?

There are two versions that allow the user to exploit the potential of the app in a more aware way and constantly monitor activity. Obviously, you may be wondering how much the cost of these two versions can be: it depends. In fact, prices often change and are different between Android and iOS. The first costs about € 10.00 per month, while the second costs € 16.00. It is good to remember that these prices often change.

Is Tinder dangerous?

Many are wondering if Tinder can be, or at least become over time, a dangerous app. The question is entirely legitimate, especially considering that you come into contact with unknown people, perhaps many kilometers away and who may have entered information that is not too truthful in their account. However, these doubts can also arise when it comes to social media in general, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It is a question, in general, that concerns the whole Web.

We assume that, like everything related to the Internet world, Tinder must also be used with the utmost caution and it is precisely for this reason that it is necessary to make a very accurate "screen" of the profiles that try to get in touch with others.

Tinder is a well-known dating app, used by a huge slice of the population, as its system can be defined as "lean" and intuitive. As we have said, it allows you to make new acquaintances, but also to meet your soul mate, through geolocation: however, it is important to consider that these are always and in any case blind dates, with a person you know little or nothing about. In recent years, a new and very useful feature has been introduced: the SOS button. We are talking about a very valuable help, especially for women who could find themselves in difficult situations. With this safety button, you can call the police and report any unpleasant episodes. Together with the call, the location function of the person in difficulty is activated.

This is certainly a huge step forward: in fact, not all dating apps are now equipped with this innovative feature. In addition, Tinder offers the possibility to report harassing users through the “Does this bother you?” Function. The person in question, in fact, will be reported for his behavior and any action against you immediately blocked.

In short, we can say that the Match Group has made great strides in recent years, placing the protection of users at the center of its attention. In this way, it favors safer and clearer communication between people who wish to make new acquaintances without other purposes.

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