Almonds, the positive effects on cholesterol and diabetes

Diet with almonds after 40 and 50 years: the expert's advice

Almonds are not only good and healthy, but also excellent for fighting cholesterol and diabetes

Good cholesterol, the 8 foods that help increase it

Tasty and excellent for health, almonds are not only good, but also have positive effects on diabetes and cholesterol.

Rich in magnesium and vitamin E, they are ideal for preparing many dishes or as a snack for those on a diet. They contain calcium, iron and mineral salts, useful for the well-being of the organism. They are also always considered as a powerful remedy against high cholesterol. The reason? Thanks to poinsatured and monoinatural fats, almonds counteract the formation of plaques in the vessels, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and prevent diabetes.

They have emollient and lubricating properties, guarantee intestinal well-being and represent a healthy and good snack. It is no coincidence that nutrition experts recommend eating them daily. Several studies have shown the healing power of almonds against diabetes and cholesterol, two very common problems.

The most interesting research undoubtedly concerns the prevention of type 2 diabetes. Some studies carried out by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey have highlighted the healing power of almonds against this pathology, showing that those who consumed nuts, assumed a reduced number of carbohydrate calories, reducing blood sugar.

All that remains is to insert the almonds into the daily diet. The quantity recommended by scholars is 30-35 grams, or about 15-20 almonds, increasing the dose risks taking too many calories.

Adding almonds to your daily diet is quite simple. To fill up with antioxidant substances, it is essential to eat almonds with the skin. You can crumble them and reduce them into flour to prepare tarts, biscuits and garnish desserts. They are also excellent as a snack to break hunger, to accompany meat dishes and fish, as well as pasta and rice. The only contraindications concern the oxalates, which could aggravate the situation of those suffering from kidney or gallstone stones, avoid them even if you have herpes, because arginine, a powerful amino acid, could favor the replication of the fearsome virus.

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