Alpha generation, a portrait of our future

Alpha generation, a portrait of our future

Children born after 2010 in a research by BNP Paribas Cardif

It is the first letter of the Greek alphabet that distinguishes the generation of children born since 2010, a letter that alludes to new beginnings and new hopes for the future. In fact, it is enough to look at them, these children of millennials, to understand that they are hyper-technological, but also attentive to the fate of the planet and led to consider differences as normal facets of society.

Today these observations are supported by the numbers, those provided by the research "Technological, inclusive and green: welcome Alpha Generation!", Commissioned by BNP Paribas Cardif, among the top ten insurance companies in Italy (ANIA 2019 ranking), and conducted by Friendz, Tech & Social company that listens to digital communities to obtain small data and unpublished insights, to learn more about children born from 2010 onwards belonging to this generation.

Here are the main highlights:

The "green" and inclusive soul of the Alpha generation

For 54% of children, the planet is "bad enough", 39% are concerned about separate waste collection and 43% participate in many projects on the theme of sustainability at school.

Children of the Alpha Generation are champions of inclusion, with 33% having friends of different ethnic backgrounds and 44% having classmates of foreign origin, with whom in most cases a friendship was born.

The open-mindedness of these children is also evidenced by the very low perception of gender differences: 85% of groups of friends are made up equally of boys and girls.

When asked to all the children interviewed to associate some professions and activities with a gender (male, female or both), the "both" option prevailed clearly in almost all cases. From washing the dishes to acting as Prime Minister, from playing football to shopping, to driving the bus: for the children of the Alpha Generation there are no distinctions, everyone can do everything.

A scenario full of hope, therefore, as remarked by the words of Barbara Del Pio, Editor of Italiaonline: "Do you often see a little girl throwing a piece of paper on the ground? Not me. And how many times have you seen a child pick up a cigarette butt on the beach? To me many, many. And every time I thought that behind that spontaneous gesture there was life, love, respect. But also a warning – unconscious – for us adults. We should observe these children more, let ourselves be carried away by their passion for the planet they live on and for the nature they love so much. And we should support them. Because the quality of their future is in our hands. And they are telling us loud and clear ”.

The relationship with technology: from devices to social networks

The age of access to technology is lowering from year to year; among children who are now 10 years old, only 7% started using them before the age of 5, while 62% of children who are 5 today are already familiar with technology.

On average they use their devices 107 minutes a day and know social media, even if only 10% are subscribed to a social network. The most popular are YouTube (63%) and TikTok (53%)

On this topic we asked Federico Mereta, a scientific journalist who collaborates with us on Tipsforwomens TakeCare for an opinion: "Technology is a great stimulus to the imagination and imagination, but it can also involve a change in the classic skills of which the child can need: the little ones are getting used to thinking quickly and seeing the situation change with a simple touch on the device, but they must also be encouraged to practice some skills such as "manual" writing, which continue to be fundamental. "

In collaboration with BNP Paribas Cardif

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