Always young neck: how to prevent wrinkles

Always young neck: how to prevent wrinkles

A constant skincare helps, but also avoids some unexpected mistakes: this is what you need to know to keep your neck young

How to keep your neck always young? We learned the morning and evening routine skin, we realized that applying the night cream enhances the cells' natural reparative action, we got used to drinking at least two liters of water a day, but we still can't focus on the Y area of ​​our body, that which concerns the neck and décolleté. This is the most forgotten area and at the same time the one that most reveals a woman's age.

The loss of elasticity that appears after thirty years a little everywhere, on the neck is even more visible. In this area the epidermis is thinner, the adipose tissue is less extensive and the neck muscles less resistant – also because it is less subject to stimulation – than the others. The result is that it loses compactness and tone and begins to give way. The force of gravity does the rest. The "nice" thing that happens is that the failure is "structured" in rings. The famous "Venus necklaces" appear, namely those horizontal folds and wrinkles that count our years as it does for trees.

What to do? First you need to avoid certain misconduct. Constantly varying weight, between fattening and slimming diets, leads to a sudden deterioration of the most delicate areas. The beloved Renée Zellweger, who after the voluntary diets to gain weight and lose weight "due" to Bridget Jones, bears witness to these choices on her face and neck.

But technology can also be a problem as it gets used to bad postures, increasing the likelihood of forming horizontal wrinkles: the tech neck, the tablet neck, is one of the major risks after the advent of smartphones and tablets.

The incessant use of technology forces the neck to a wrong posture that is changing the morphology of the spinal column because it imprints on the neck, in the cervical area, an important pressure that causes the so-called "smartphone hump". The consequence on the skin occurs with the appearance of Venus necklaces at an early age, even a few years after the age of twenty.

Secondly, you need to learn how to take care of the Y-zone epidermis every day, like your face. There are many specific creams that invigorate the epidermis, but it is essential to start before you can. There are booster serums and hyper-technological formulas that mix hyaluronic acid and plant extracts with lifting action; essential oils with which to massage the skin of the neck consistently based on antiage techniques such as Korean or Japanese, which stimulate the production of collagen and keep the skin elastic.

However the delay could be fatal. Damage cannot always be recovered: aesthetic medicine can help by working on the revitalization of the epidermis through a mix of amino acids, Botox, vitamins and hyaluronic acid, but miracles cannot be expected.

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