Alzheimer's, still no cure. But early diagnosis is possible

Alzheimer's, acting on the first symptoms slows the progress of the disease

Alzheimer's affects more and more people in Italy and in the world. There is no cure, but early diagnosis is essential.

Alzheimer's, the 10 premonitory symptoms

On September 21st, the world day against Alzheimer's is celebrated. An opportunity to take stock of a disease for which there is still no cure, but where early diagnosis is essential.

According to the latest data, almost 600,000 Italians have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, a disease that leaves no way out and that inevitably affects the family too. To date there are still no drugs and therapies that are capable of leading to a complete recovery, but it is possible to curb the degeneration of the disease. Not surprisingly, if part of the research focuses on the study of causes and triggers, others aim to achieve an increasingly early diagnosis.

This is the best weapon to combat Alzheimer's disease, putting in place a drug therapy that can slow down the progress of at least two or three years, waiting for developments in the scientific world. In the last ten years new methods have been developed that allow you to diagnose the disease with certainty even when we are in the presence of the first symptoms.

The procedure is very simple, inexpensive and can be performed in the geriatrician's or neurologist's office. After analyzing the alarm bells of Alzheimer's, listening to the patient's story, the level of autonomy and the alterations of the behavioral sphere (loss of interests, depression and apathy) are evaluated. The rest is done by MRI, blood tests and computerized axial tomography of the head.

These simple procedures allow you to get a correct diagnosis in about 90% of cases. Today the doctors who study Alzheimer's consider the CT and the conversation with the patient, very important to fight the disease and to better support the patient and his family. The sooner the problem is identified, the higher the chance of recovery. Very often, cognitive disorders are not necessarily the prelude to Alzheimer's disease, but the alarm bell of other treatable diseases.

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