Amadeus, his wife Giovanna Civitillo in a bikini on Instagram is gorgeous

Amadeus, his wife Giovanna Civitillo in a bikini on Instagram is gorgeous

Giovanna Civitillo enjoys her holidays with her husband Amadeus and shows off a perfect bikini on Instagram

Gorgeous, elegant and chic: Giovanna Civitello in a bikini on Instagram is gorgeous. Amadeus and his wife are enjoying their well-deserved holidays and on social media they talk about their summer spent with Fiorello, their long-time friend. Fresh from the success of Sanremo 2020, the conductor is ready to return to the Ariston stage for a new edition of the Festival. Alongside him, once again, will be Fiorello, but above all Giovanna who has always supported and helped him.

Together for many years, Giovanna and Amadeus are a couple as reserved as they are united. Their love, born in TV studios, grew out of the spotlight and is stronger than ever today. 2002 was an important year for Civitillo and the conductor: at the time he led the Legacy, while she was in the cast of the show as a dancer and performed in the now famous "shock". Amadeus had been separated for three years from his wife, with whom he had daughter Alice, and had just turned 40, while she was 25 and had a brilliant career ahead of him.

"The story was not born immediately, I made it suffer – Giovanna told Mara Venier's Domenica In -. I thought: “Never with a conductor”. Love blossomed slowly under the cameras ". To take the first step was Amadeus, conquered by the beauty and intelligence of his future wife. “I'm shy, I was afraid of a no – he revealed -. So I sent her a note with the words "if you like, let's have a coffee together". At most, throw it in the bin, I thought. Instead he sent it back to me with the words "yes" ".

Since then, the two have never left. In 2009 they became Josè's parents, while in 2019 they got married for the second time, in church, after the cancellation of the host's first wedding. In the shot posted on Instagram, Giovanna relaxes in the sun, while reading a book. "Immersed in reading," wrote the showgirl who sports a perfect body in a bikini. There was no shortage of comments on the post and everyone complimented the Civitillo. "This is a woman of high class and elegance", "What a physique", "Congratulations", "Beautiful", we read.

Giovanna Civitillo, the wife of Amadeus Instagram

Giovanna Civitillo, Amadeus' wife – Source: Instagram

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