Amadeus replaces Carlo Conti: I Soliti Ignoti in place of Top Ten

Amadeus sostituisce Carlo Conti

The access prime time show wins on Saturday night after the postponement of Top Ten

Carlo Conti: 60 years of success, friendship and love

A new milestone for Amadeus' I Soliti Ignoti, which conquer the first Saturday evening starting from May. The highly successful Rai1 access prime time show thus takes the place of Top 10, which is established – instead – on Friday.

The alternation of the two leading drivers of the flagship of Viale Mazzini was announced a few hours ago, after Carlo Conti's Top Dieci had undergone a new postponement after those that occurred in recent weeks.

The Rai programming revolution has created no little confusion, since the broadcast was given for certain and against Amici di Maria De Filippi. It seems that the intent was to escape from the battleship of Canale5 to find a minimum of respite in terms of share, which risked being outclassed by the large numbers recorded so far by the talent of Mediaset.

Carlo Conti thus takes off from the rush to ratings that would inevitably be generated by the clash with Amici di Maria De Filippi, who in recent weeks has enjoyed the absence of counter-programming to score one record after another, reaching 30% .

If the first episode of Top 10 is definitely set for April 23, for I Soliti Ignoti it will be necessary to wait until May 8, the date chosen for the arrival of Amadeus in prime time after the special of the Lottery Italy live on January 6 last. .

Amedeo Sebastiani will therefore try to mitigate the impact of Amici 2021 with two evenings and not chosen at random, given that this is the semifinal and final of the show entirely dedicated to the performing arts and on the air for 20 years.

For the presenter from Ravenna, it will be a new stimulus to increase the program to which he is particularly attached and which was launched by the unforgettable Fabrizio Frizzi, who presented the first editions of the exciting investigations of the 8 strangers in the studio.

Its sober and reassuring conduct has allowed the program to reach a new level, establishing itself among the most popular programs of the week. Even during the preparations for his Sanremo Festival, Amadeus continued to think about his favorite program, declaring he couldn't wait to return to his special investigations.

In May, Rai1's Saturday evening will also host the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in which the Maneskin con Zitti e Buoni (May 22) and Il Volo's homage to Maestro Ennio Morricone (May 29) are expected.

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