Amal Clooney divine with the dress of sequins and feathers. And George saves her

Amal is a vision in a white mermaid dress and her husband George Clooney saves her from an embarrassing slip

Amal Clooney, the divine dress and the almost ruinous fall

Amal and George Clooney bewitched the red carpet of the London Film Festival, attending the screening of The Tender Bar, the latest film by the Hollywood star. She is simply gorgeous in a sparkling white mermaid dress and he is the perfect prince who saves his wife from an embarrassing slip.

After William and Kate Middleton at the premiere of No Time to Die, Amal and George Clooney have won the title of the perfect couple. Amal has caught the eye of the whole world with a truly fantastic look.

Sequined dress

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Amal Clooney and the sparkling dress by 16Arlington

The lawyer chose to show up on the red carpet with a long white sequined dress with pink shades. With a strapless neckline that leaves uncovered beyond the shoulders, part of the back and the décolleté, the dress is fitted and snug enough and ends with a train tail.

The precious dress is signed 16Arlington and Amal pairs it with a feather boa that makes her look like a Hollywood diva from another time. As accessories she chooses a white clutch with gold details and white satin pumps. Clooney’s wife looks like Rita Hayworth projected into the 21st century, also thanks to the hairstyle. Amal in fact lets her long black hair free that falls on her shoulders.

No necklace adorns her décolleté, but Lady Clooney chooses an important pair of drop earrings that together with the lipstick give a color tone to her ethereal look.

Feather boa

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George Clooney saves Amal

The splendid dress, however, hides a pitfall of which the handsome lawyer risked being a victim for a moment. In fact, thanks to the long and tight skirt, Amal’s heels got entangled in the train and George Clooney had to intervene along with other assistants to prevent the red carpet catwalk from ending in a ruinous fall.

George, a true knight, immediately noticed his wife’s difficulty and offered her his hand to support himself while the assistant ran to free the heel from the skirt.

The incident was therefore only touched upon, Clooney showed off his sly smile and the couple gave the goals a tender kiss.

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