Amanda Sandrelli: ex-husband Blas Roca-Rey, children, illness, films

Amanda Sandrelli: l’ex marito Blas Roca-Rey, i figli, la malattia, i film

Let's find out more about Amanda, the eldest daughter of Stefania Sandrelli and Gino Paoli

Talented and versatile actress, but also a very good director: Amanda Sandrelli is one of the most loved characters in the world of entertainment, just like her mother Stefania. On the other hand, the passion for acting must have inherited it from her, when she was still a child.

Born in 1964, Amanda was born in Lausanne (Switzerland), the result of the great love between Stefania Sandrelli and Gino Paoli. Their relationship at the time caused a great stir: the actress, who was in her early days, was just 16 when she began dating the singer-songwriter, much older than her and already married. However, the two carried on their beautiful story from which their only daughter was born – Sandrelli then had a boy, Vito, who arrived in 1974 from her marriage to the Roman entrepreneur Nicky Pende.

Amanda bears her mother's surname, but it was never a problem due to Gino Paoli's lack of recognition, as was rumored in the past. It was Stefania, on several occasions, who explained the reason. Amanda's name was chosen by the songwriter, although her mother was against it. For this they came to an agreement: Sandrelli decided to give her daughter her surname, to compensate for her father's choice to call her that way.

With two parents so famous, from an early age Amanda approached the world of entertainment. However, her debut only took place in 1984: in that year, the emerging actress took part in the film We have to cry, alongside Roberto Benigni and Massimo Troisi. Later, he worked a lot with his mother, in films such as Attention and Christine Cristina and in various theatrical performances. With his father Gino, on the other hand, he sang the song Beauty and the Beast for the Disney animated film of the same name.

As for her private life, Amanda first had a relationship with producer Augusto Caminito, and in the 90s she met her Peruvian colleague Blas Roca-Rey, with whom she had two children. Rocco, the eldest son, arrived in 1997, while Francisco only expanded the family in 2004. Theirs was a great love and a happy marriage, but after almost 20 years the breakup arrived: "It was love at blue sky, because it took place after a long time with respect to our crises, which clearly have occurred ”- revealed Sandrelli in an interview with Come to me.

Moreover, in 2009, Amanda had to face another difficult time. In that year she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the first with whom she spoke about it were her husband and brother Vito, who is a doctor: "At first I didn't tell my mother, I preferred to say it when I had clear what awaited me. At that point, she was close to me like no other ”- she confided on the pages of La Repubblica.

Fortunately, Amanda was able to defeat the disease, thanks to an operation that did not require any subsequent therapy. And today is just a distant memory, as she happily enjoys her family and her new love – about which she is always very careful to keep the utmost confidentiality.

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