Amazon broadens its horizons: fruit and vegetables at home

Amazon broadens its horizons: fruit and vegetables at home

Amazon broadens its sales horizons by including the purchase of fruit and vegetables at home which will be delivered within an hour of your online order

Amazon, a few days ago, inaugurated a new service: fruit and vegetables at home thanks to Prime Now. It concerns the deliveries that will be made by the US company within an hour of placing an order. With this proposal Amazon opens its horizons to new market slices and new products, including fruit and vegetables. Thanks to the new App that this company has created, it is possible, in Milan, to buy your fruit and vegetables online: you can choose from thirty different types.

The Amazon Prime Now service is active in Milan and 34 others in the hinterland. The online purchase of fruit and vegetables can be made every day in the following time slots: from eight in the morning until midnight and within an hour (or within two hours, it depends on what you choose) you will receive the desired goods from the order. In any case, the service offered by Amazon is not limited to fruit and vegetables, in its pantry we can find several frozen foods such as minestrone and ice cream. We also find cold products such as cold cuts and yogurt as well as bread, pasta, beers, wines, coffee and many other products of prestigious brands such as Barilla and Soresina.

Thanks to Amazon, home delivery of food expands the quantity of food selection, in this way you will no longer be forced to go to supermarkets that are chaotic, full of people, where it is often impossible to shop because of the crowds. The US company has thought of everything: on the site you will find the way to check the coverage of the territory through a search with the cap, as regards the costs we can say that if we want delivery within two hours the shipping is free while if we want our order to be processed within an hour the price is 6.90 euros. You must also respect a minimum amount to order fruit and vegetables with Amazon which corresponds to 19 euros. To promote the Amazon Prime Now service, the American company has decided to give a 10 euro discount voucher on a 30 euro purchase for those who use this option and live in Milan. Shopping without moving from the sofa in your own home has never been easier thanks to Amazon.

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