Ambra Angiolini and Allegri, the crisis is far away: more close-knit than ever

Ambra Angiolini

The rumors of a crisis between Ambra Angiolini and Massimiliano Allegri seem distant and today they appear very much in love and accomplices

Ambra Angiolini: life, career and loves of the actress

No crisis between Ambra Angiolini and Massimiliano Allegri: after the rumors of an imminent breakup, the couple was immortalized together in Rome between hugs and cuddles like lovers, accomplices in looks and gestures.

The photos don't lie: the presenter and the former coach were photographed by the weekly Oggi, which surprised them during a romantic walk hand in hand through the capital. The gestures of tenderness dispel any doubt: Angiolini and Allegri appear more in love and close-knit than ever, pushing away those rumors that had seen them as protagonists in recent weeks.

It all started with some indiscretions launched by the weekly Di Più Tv, which had collected the testimony of a person close to Allegri. According to the source, the former coach had gone to Monte Carlo to decide on his professional future, and this would have caused discontent in the couple. The plan to move away from Italy could actually have represented an obstacle to their love.

At first both had preferred not to comment on the news, then Angiolini, teased by Mara Venier, commented on those rumors about her love life on Domenica In, categorically denying the crisis with the former Juventus manager. "That's not true, I'm not sad!" Was the brief comment on the story. "Before I thought that love should save me, now I save myself alone. The person who is close to me is an added value, not the one I could die without ”, concluded Ambra.

Another detail that had intrigued the most attentive observers fueled the gossip about the alleged crisis: at the May Day concert Ambra Angiolini was moved during the performance of her ex Francesco Renga. For many, that emotion could have hidden a flashback with the singer, father of his children Iolanda and Leonardo.

Nothing could be more wrong: Renga and Ambra have always maintained an excellent relationship for the sake of their children, but their paths have been separated for some time. After all, this last public appearance of the presenter and Allegri, who photographed in the hugs and tenderness of lovers, have denied any gossip, proving that their love is proceeding well.

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