Ambra Angiolini and Massimiliano Allegri, an air of crisis: indiscretion

Ambra Angiolini

Air of crisis for Ambra Angiolini and Massimiliano Allegri? It would seem so, according to some rumors

Love at the terminus for Ambra Angiolini and Massimiliano Allegri? It would seem so, according to rumors released by a close friend of the former coach.

To reveal the alleged crisis was the weekly Di Più Tv, which collected the testimony of a person close to Allegri. According to the newspaper, the couple, linked since 2017, would be further away than ever and would be going through a deep crisis.

While Angiolini has in fact just finished shooting the film The Longest Night of the Year in Potenza – where she plays a cubist who decides to close with the nightlife – Allegri is in Monte Carlo to decide on her professional future. And it seems to be precisely the projects of the partner that have caused discontent in the couple:

Things are changing. Allegri is in Montecarlo because it is one of the capitals of international football, the main meeting place for sports prosecutors and managers of the great European clubs. He is deciding his future these days, after two years of stoppage he wants to get back into the game at all costs and is one of the most courted by the big teams.

The doubts about the relationship between Ambra Angiolini and Allegri are more than legitimate since, until some time ago he wanted at all costs to stay in Italy just to stay next to his partner, even if theirs has always been a love that left them great freedoms, as the actress told in some interviews. “I live with my children in Brescia, Renga is my neighbor – explained Ambra in the past -. Max lives between Turin, Livorno and Milan, where he has a daughter. We meet around… We are itinerant which is also the beauty of our history ”.

Many have also wondered if the two were married in great secrecy: “I get angry when they ask me if Max and I are getting married – she clarified -. We have been together for three years, obviously the flow is positive and there is no need to define things. He is in no way inhibited by my character, he can handle my rantings well. Maybe he listens to the games with his headphones, but as long as the face seems present it works… ”.

The couple's last public appearance dates back to March, when the two were paparazzi in Milan by the weekly Vero. At the moment neither of them has confirmed or denied the crisis, but certainly the former coach's desire to restart with football could in fact become an obstacle to their love.

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