Ambra Angiolini confesses about her marriage to Allegri and her daughter Jolanda Renga


Ambra Angiolini confesses: bulimia, defeated thanks to her daughter Jolanda and the possible marriage with her partner Massimiliano Allegri.

Ambra Angiolini: life, career and loves of the actress

Ambra Angiolini confesses, without filters, talking about bulimia, the relationship with her daughter Jolanda, born from the love for Francesco Renga, and the possible marriage with Massimiliano Allegri. The former star of Non è la Rai recounted in a book her path to defeat the eating disorders that have plagued her for a long time.

“It was not true desire to eat mine – he confided to the weekly F -. It was hunger for love, hunger for myself, as if the heart had replaced the belly and vice versa […] Those who suffer from bulimia and anorexia feel everything, too much, it is as if they had given you a liter of blood but you contain it a deciliter, you would like to grow to contain it all, instead you remain small, smaller and smaller and then you eat a lot – or stop eating – hoping that someone will notice and help you. Until you understand that only you can make that strange way of loving become an added value ".

For Ambra, who has suffered from bulimia since she was 14, salvation came thanks to her relationship with Francesco Renga and her first pregnancy, which led to the birth of Jolanda. "There is no virus or bacterium, there is no physical point of the body on which to do therapy and there is probably a different cure for each – he revealed -. Mine was the most 'inside' journey of all: Jolanda's belly full ". From that moment, the actress began her healing process. “She – said Angiolini referring to her daughter – made sure that my belly suddenly became the most welcoming and full place on earth”.

Leonardo was also born from the love for Renga. Today the actress, after leaving the singer, is happy again next to Massimiliano Allegri. A mature love that brought new stability to Amber's life and made her grow again. There has often been talk of a possible marriage between the two, but Angiolini once again amazed everyone by making the situation clear: “I get angry when they ask me if Max and I are getting married – he said -. We have been together for three years, obviously the flow is positive and there is no need to define things. He is in no way inhibited by my character, he can handle my rants well. Maybe he listens to the games with his headphones, but as long as his face seems present it works … "

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