Ambra Angiolini turns 44 and shows off all her irony

Ambra Angiolini turns 44 and shows off all her irony

For her birthday, Ambra Angiolini focuses on self-irony: her message on Instagram is beautiful

Ambra Angiolini celebrates her 44th birthday and is receiving a myriad of good wishes on social media. But the most beautiful message is his own, a beautiful dedication in which he shows off surprising self-irony.

The splendid actress has in fact decided to share on Instagram a photo that portrays her in all her naturalness, without filters or make-up. A soap and water beauty that her fans have come to appreciate, as Amber is no stranger to showing herself like this. Also this time she has allowed herself a simple and natural shot, which combined with the caption written in her own hand sends a very important message.

"And then you wake up on your birthday and, without anyone having warned you, you discover that from here on you will bet everything on the face … no er … on the legs … no er … on the glut … no er … on the intelligen … no ehm … ON SWEETNESS! " – Angiolini announced, showing great self-irony – "I'll start immediately: 'Thank you for the gracefulness of your love of silk and roses where I rest from midnight on this happy birthday'. Too much?".

Ambra thus celebrates her 44 years, giving us a splendid lesson: it is not the physical aspect that we must aim for – intelligence, that yes, and Angiolini demonstrated it precisely with these words, despite the message wanting to joke about contrary. For her birthday, the actress put away all the fictions that are somehow part of the entertainment world and showed herself without makeup, with slightly disheveled hair and simple white pajamas.

And it is a force of nature, beautiful even without a touch of make-up and without a hairstyle or a beautiful dress to enhance the features and shapes of her body. Of course, the fans took his side, and beyond. Many VIPs have wished her good wishes or dedicated wonderful words to her. Among all, Francesco Renga's message stands out: "On sympathy, focus on sympathy!" – reminded her of her ex, with whom Ambra still has an excellent relationship today.

Instead, it is her daughter Jolanda, the eldest born from the relationship between Angiolini and Renga, who gave her the sweetest wishes. The girl, who is now 17 years old, has posted on Instagram a very sweet photo that portrays her – still a child – in the arms of Ambra: "Happy birthday mom".

Ambra Angiolini celebrates 44 years

Ambra Angiolini

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