Ambra Lombardo, Kikò's fiancée reveals her past of violence

Ambra Lombardo, now happy with Kikò, reveals her dramatic past for the first time

Today we see her serene and increasingly smiling and happy alongside her Kikò, but in Ambra Lombardo's past there is a violent love that has left indelible wounds on her.

Ambra herself confessed it, in an open hearted interview with the weekly DiPiù.

The ex gieffina told the magazine how happy she is now, having met a thoughtful and present man like Tina Cipollari's ex-husband, contrasting him with her painful past alongside a violent man.

Ambra Lombardo in fact, reveals for the first time, that she had experienced a real hell because of the man with whom she had fallen madly in love.

At the time, the current happy girlfriend of Kikò Nalli, a native of Ragusa, still lived in his Sicily. It was there that she met the man who, for several years, made her experience the drama that the girl can now tell with the awareness of those who fortunately found the strength to get out of it.

Even though now that he lives in Milan, he has found Kikò's love, and his life is very different, certainly Amber will never be able to cancel that terrible period of his life.

The story that Gieffina makes of those years today is that of a real nightmare: her daily suffering from jealousy, possessiveness, the outbursts of anger of a violent man.

"One day he squeezed my hands around his neck almost to suffocate me" – says Lombardo- "He didn't slap me, he preferred to tug me. On the ground. Then it filled me with very heavy insults. "

But the most important message of his interview remains positive: it is an invitation to other women who are in the same situation to be strong and to find the courage to denounce.

Amber never succeeded, and she recognizes that she was wrong in this, but she was very young and so stuck in her violent love that, every time, she forgave the man who subjected her to physical and psychological violence and, despite all the abuses he had even thought of marrying him. “When I left him, he persecuted me and joined me in my parents' house to be forgiven. And I was going back to it, "said Amber in the interview.

Today, that from the nightmare of that wrong story she freed herself and, thanks to the meeting with Kikò Nalli in the Gf's house, Ambra Lombardo discovered a more peaceful and truer love, she can only look at things from another perspective , and invite all women who are victims of violence to find the strength to report.

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