Amici 20, Maria De Filippi would be ready to call Arisa

Amici 20, Maria De Filippi would be ready to call Arisa

Maria De Filippi would be preparing the 20 edition of "Amici": the presenter would like Arisa among the professors

Arisa: summer in freedom, between friends, family and thoughts without censorship

Preparations are underway for Amici 20 and Maria De Filippi would be ready to call Arisa. The singer could be among the protagonists of the new edition of the show. An important clue comes from the weekly Oggi which revealed the artist's future commitments, stating that for her there would be "a long and important project on the Mediaset networks".

According to many, it would be Amici 20 which will start again in a few months after the summer break. The casting of the show has been opened and Maria De Filippi is already looking for new talents. The host is also building the cast of the show, targeting important names for the professors. Among them there could be Arisa, just back from a summer of music and love. The singer already has a participation in X Factor behind her where she stood out among the judges for her sincerity and the passion she puts into her work.

Amici, as usual, should be back on the air from February, first with daytime, then the evening phase. To accompany the students on their journey to victory, professors and an exceptional jury, while it is not yet clear whether the artistic directors will also be absent in 2021. The cast, on the other hand, is under construction and the implementation of the program led by Maria is constantly evolving.

While in the new edition of the Sky program, Emma Marrone, the face of Amici, wore the role of judge, Arisa could choose to become one of the teachers of De Filippi's talent. For now it is only indiscretions, certainly the singer is more than suitable for this role. A successful artist, Arisa has grown a lot in recent years, dividing herself between TV and music. On Instagram she has become one of the champions of the positive body, sending important messages to fans and pushing them to accept themselves for who they are.

Recently the singer had expressed her desire to become a mother, thanks to her love for Lorenzo Zambelli to whom she has been linked for many years. “Ours is a well-established and peaceful relationship – he told the weekly Gente – a few weeks ago. Yes, so far a child has not arrived, but we would be very pleased ”.

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