Amici 2020, Arianna Gianfelici breaks the rules and risks a disciplinary measure


Young singer Arianna spent the day in bed, skipping all classes

The adventure of the new students of Amici 2020 has recently begun, but for one of them it could already be at risk: the singer Arianna Gianfelici has in fact broken the rules, and it is possible that the production decides to adopt a disciplinary measure against him .

The young woman, who has conquered a bench in the new edition of Amici thanks to the support of Rudy Zerbi, has become the protagonist of some behaviors that go against the regulation of the broadcast and, for this reason, even risks expulsion from school. As many have noted during the last daytime, Arianna in fact spent the whole day in bed.

The boys, as widely explained to them even before starting the path to Amici, must undertake to attend all the lessons, starting with the gymnastics one which takes place at 8 in the morning. While her companions were preparing to leave the cottage, Arianna continued to sleep. She remained indifferent to the constant calls from the boys, who tried to encourage her to get up and was the only one who was absent during the lesson. What's even worse is that he even skipped the vocal warm-up, scheduled for 9:30 am and mandatory for all singers.

At noon, her teacher waited for her in vain for over a quarter of an hour for the individual lesson, which aroused the disbelief of the other students. “Yet I know that he is very fond of Amici. He keeps us crazy ”- Esa revealed to his companions. Arianna stayed in bed in the afternoon too, skipping other lessons and citing a malaise as an excuse. However, she recovered in the evening, when she started dancing with the other boys in the house. And he spent the night on his cell phone.

Perhaps this explains Ariadne's absence from lessons: according to the words of her classmates, even the previous evening she had been very late. It is not clear what the consequences of his actions will be, but it is very likely that next Saturday, in the episode, he will be harshly recalled and perhaps a disciplinary measure will also be adopted against him. There are several infringements of the regulations that can even cost her expulsion: in addition to having skipped classes, she also used the telephone outside the permitted hours.

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