Amici 2020, the best and the worst of the week: from 14 to 19 December

Amici 2020, il meglio e il peggio della settimana: dal 14 al 19 dicembre

The best and worst of the week of "Amici 2020" between very hard disciplinary measures, moments of crisis and satisfaction

A turbulent week in the house of Amici 2020, between disciplinary measures, conflicts and moments of crisis. The challenges on Saturday become more and more difficult.


  • Amici 2020, Evandro's disappointing performance
  • Friends 2020: Aka7Seven's challenge and Tommaso's first lesson
  • Amici 2020, the unreleased songs by San Giovanni and Leonardo and the song by Deddy
  • Amici 2020, the disciplinary measure
  • Friends 2020, Martina in crisis finds comfort in Samuele
  • Amici 2020, the special on Saturday 19 December

Amici 2020, Evandro's disappointing performance

On the occasion of John Lennon's 40th anniversary, prof Anna Pettinelli asks Evandro to perform the Beatles song Blackbirds. On December 14, the boy sings in the studio, accompanying the piece with his guitar. The performance is not the best: his former teacher Rudy Zerbi points out the discordant notes and defines his performance as "a murder of song".

Pettinelli defends her student and attributes her mistakes to emotion. However, he reconfirms his shirt and gives him a 7. The next day, Anna decides to confront Evandro. Use harsh words with him: he tells him that he sang like a dog and that he has to work hard if he wants to stay in school. He entrusts him with two songs for Saturday You need me, I don't need you by Ed Sheeran and Muhammad Alì by Marco Mengoni.

Friends 2020: Aka7Seven's challenge and Tommaso's first lesson

Aka7Seven receives the envelope of the challenge in the house, from Arisa. The prof tried Dorian and was very impressed. In the letter, the teacher explains that he found the new entry very valid while Aka7Seven seems to have stopped in his studies. The boy is disappointed and does not share Arisa's opinion.

Tommaso, the new dancer, meets Celentano for the first time in class, who has chosen him as a student. Alessandra immediately clarifies that she does not entrust many desks and that she requires high quality and commitment from her students. Therefore, if Tommaso does not prove to be up to his standards, he will replace him.

Amici 2020, the unreleased songs by San Giovanni and Leonardo and the song by Deddy

From midnight on 15 December, the first two unpublished works of this edition of Amici are available on all digital platforms: Gucci bag by SanGiovanni and Via Padova by Leonardo, produced by Michele Canova.
Deddy is also offered the opportunity to work with the well-known producer: Canova has already begun to work on his piece Il cielo contromano and makes the boy listen to it, rearranged. Deddy is excited, enthusiastic and shares his joy with his teammates.

Amici 2020, the disciplinary measure

On December 16, Maria speaks to the children in diffusion to communicate bad news to them: the production believes that the house is not in acceptable hygienic conditions. The boys are given a four-hour time limit to clean their home which will then be inspected.

If the situation does not improve, a disciplinary measure will be put in place which provides for the drawing of three people, who will compete in the episode on Saturday and three others who, instead, will not be able to perform. Students immediately get to work to avoid punishment.

The next day, Pettinelli shows a video where you can see all the students cleaning the house, except one: Aka7Seven. The teacher decides to take a disciplinary measure against her student who is in challenge on Saturday: the boy will be able to sing only covers, without the aid of bars and autotune. His opponent, on the other hand, will be free to do whatever he wants.
Aka7Seven reacts badly to the inflicted punishment; he seeks comfort in Rosa and Esa who define Anna's decision as "infamous".

After the inspection, the production still considers the conditions of the house to be precarious. To maintain impartiality, he abandons the idea of ​​the draw and establishes that the boys themselves will choose the three who will compete. The name of Arianna is immediately mentioned and, after a confrontation, that of Riccardo and Rosa.
The girls experience the situation as an injustice: Rosa rebels while Arianna cries and packs her suitcase. The latter has two challenges to prepare and is sure that she will leave school.

In the following days, the two students meet, surprisingly, in the gym, their mothers who support them and try to give them courage for Saturday's challenge.

Friends 2020, Martina in crisis finds comfort in Samuele

During rehearsals on December 17th, Martina struggles with the choreography of the Conga dance. The girl feels a strong stomach ache and finds comfort in Samuele's words that help her manage anxiety. The dancer advises her to forget everything before dancing and to have in mind that the real challenge is only in her head.

Amici 2020, the special on Saturday 19 December

Enula is the first to perform with Coldplay's O (Fly On), convincing Zerbi to reconfirm her shirt. Rosa wins the match against Simone and thanks everyone, including Celentano who has always expressed negative opinions on her. Leonardo defends his stay in the school, singing Via Padova. Riccardo puts himself to the test with an ironic and sensual dance; Cuccarini is not completely satisfied from the technical point of view but guarantees the bench to her pupil.

Surprisingly, Arisa decides not to let Arianna go to the challenge to give her time to recover some emotional balance and to continue her studies. Maria asks the girl if she still wants to accept the challenge which is not canceled but only postponed. The singer chooses to perform against Federica to avoid criticism and not to appear in the eyes of her companions as a privileged one. Arianna wins the challenge, singing The evening of miracles.

Samuele impeccably performs a choreography by Peparini and reconfirms his desk. Maria unexpectedly asks the dancer to improvise a dance dressed as Santa Claus.

Deddy and Esa at the center of the stage with their songs, get positive reviews from Prof. Zerbi and from two radio producers. Giulia also regains her desk with a solo while Raffaele sings her song Senza love and the cover Oro. Rudy finds that the boy lacks personality but Arisa defends her student with the sword.

Cuccarini greatly appreciates Martina's performance in Conga while Celentano thinks the girl has a "drooping ankle"; the young dancer thanks Samuele who helped her during the rehearsals. De Filippi makes fun of the fact that Alessandra uses imaginative definitions to describe students' flaws.

Rosa takes the opportunity to give a fun gift to the most feared teacher in school, a grappling hook, a tool that according to Celentano recalls the shape of her foot.

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