Amici 2020, the best and the worst of the week, from 7 to 12 December

The best and worst of the week of "Amici 2020", including new challenges, clashes with teachers and difficult challenges to pass

Intense week for the students of Amici: hard trials to face, some misunderstandings with the teachers and upcoming challenges


  • Friends 2020, Riccardo is in challenge
  • Amici 2020, Zerbi “abandons” Evandro
  • Friends 2020, bickering between Arisa and Pettinelli
  • Amici 2020, a new clash between Zerbi and Arianna
  • Friends 2020, difficult test for Martina
  • Amici 2020, the special on Saturday 12 December

Friends 2020, Riccardo is in challenge

Riccardo, the new Cuccarini dancer performs the hip hop solo Djomb, despite suffering a knee injury. With some difficulty, the boy completes the performance. Lorella asks her pupil to also perform the double step with Martina, Shakira's tango Objection.

The teacher knows that the two students had a hard time finding the right understanding, losing 48 hours of rehearsals and, therefore, after the performance she reproaches them so that in the future they will show themselves more mature and more professional.

December 10th is the turn of the dance castings that the boys follow on the monitor in the house. The new candidate, Tommaso, gets three green lights with his solo Acqua vitae. Riccardo thinks they will challenge him with the new entry that he considers very strong from a technical point of view but less expressive than him.

After the casting, Lorella asks to speak with Riccardo and tells him that she will probably enter into a challenge with Tommaso. The student, however, misrepresents the words of his teacher, making others understand that the latter prefers him to the new dancer. Cuccarini is keen to clarify the matter, she calls Riccardo on the phone in front of her classmates, reiterating that, for now, she has not put her student at risk, although she considers Tommaso a valid element.

Amici 2020, Zerbi “abandons” Evandro

Evandro, a pupil of Zerbi, performs with the song Freak by Samuele Bersani. The teacher is not at all satisfied because the student decided, on his own initiative, to raise the piece by half a pitch, out of tune on the higher notes.

Furthermore, Rudy listened on the monitor some unpleasant phrases said by the young singer in the house, in reference to some great musical artists. The teacher plays those words to his classmates and De Filippi on the tablet with headphones.

Zerbi does not like the boy's attitude, although he does not question his talent and, therefore, takes a drastic decision, asking Evandro to choose another teacher. Both Arisa and Pettinelli would like it; on 10 December the student meets his possible new teachers separately. After a careful evaluation, Evandro tells Arisa that he has found a more suitable course of study with Anna.

Friends 2020, bickering between Arisa and Pettinelli

On 8 December, Letizia, a light lyric soprano, sings Mozart's The Queen of the Night of the Magic Flute at the casting and gets the bench thanks to Arisa. The following day, he performs with Roman Holidays; according to Arisa, Pettinelli made the girl uncomfortable before the performance. Anna accuses her colleague of wanting to "sell" her pupils to the best of their ability, who do not necessarily have to please everyone. Letizia does not convince Pettinelli because she does not have a defined identity, passing from opera to pop, without ever being incisive.

Subsequently, the red envelope arrives in the house with which Zerbi informs the singer that he has challenged her with the new candidate Enula. The prof's message is very harsh: the new entry for him represents the future while Letizia has a voice that is “out of time”, anchored to the past.

Arisa's pupil reacts very badly to the news of the challenge and criticism; after crying, she turns to her teacher who encourages her to face the test on Saturday as best she can.

Amici 2020, a new clash between Zerbi and Arianna

In the episode of Saturday 5 December, Zerbi had not confirmed the shirt to Arianna, due to her wrong attitude. Maria intervenes and advises the girl to work on her frailties, trying to manage anxiety and convert it into energy to improve herself.

At the weekend, the student asks to speak with Rudy because she would like to ask him to change teachers. Zerbi leaves her free to choose her new teacher. Arianna decides to rely on Arisa who, according to her, understands her emotional side better.

Friends 2020, difficult test for Martina

The dancer Martina represents a good bet for Cuccarini but does not convince Peparini and Celentano that they do not want her in school. For the special on Saturday 12 December, Lorella asks her pupil to create a dance with the choreographers focused on the memory of her father, who died prematurely.

The teacher suggests to the girl to bring out, through dance, all of herself and the love she feels towards her father.

During rehearsals, Martina has an emotional breakdown and is unable to finish the dance. He retires to the house where he bursts into tears and seeks comfort in the words of his companions.

Amici 2020, the special on Saturday 12 December

The episode opens with Giordana and her exciting piece As you are. Giulia throws herself into a hip hop dance, thanks to the additional test proposed by TIM. San Giovanni offers an original version of Ti amo by Tozzi.

Maria reads a letter that completely overturns the fate of Riccardo in a challenge against Tommaso: Celentano has chosen to give the last empty bench left to the new entry, allowing Lorella's pupil not to jeopardize her stay in the school. Aka7Seven sings Unsteady reconfirming her place while Martina faces the tough test to which Cuccarini has subjected her. The girl dances to the notes of Incancellabile della Pausini, to tell her story and the memory of her father through dance; the teacher appreciates her effort.

Deddy performs with Il cielo contromano, convincing the producer Michele Canova and Zerbi, minus Pettinelli who in any case reconfirms him.

With his choreography, Samuele conquers Peparini and Celentano, who considers him a true artist. De Filippi surprises the dancer by reading him a letter written by his father. They are very sweet words, full of affection that move and support the young person.

Arianna with her interpretation of We would like the sea always divides the opinions of teachers: on the one hand Arisa who considers her a great talent, on the other Pettinelli and Zerbi who do not want her in school.

In the challenge between Letizia and Enula, the latter wins, leaving the former student of Arisa in despair.

Riccardo and Rosa perform in a two step but Celentano does not appreciate Rosa's performance which she considers too heavy in the movements.

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