Amici 2020, the first singing challenges and dance casting: the previews

Amici 2020, the first singing challenges and dance casting: the previews

The first challenges to keep the bank at Amici begin, with two exceptional guests ready to give their severe judgment

We are one step away from the second episode of Amici 2020, and we are already starting to get to the heart of the challenge: according to the previews, the appointment will feature three young singers ready to do anything to keep their bank. There is also a place still free for the dance class, so the castings will continue in search of another student for the most loved school in Italy.

This new edition of Amici boasts numerous novelties, which will give great emotions to the viewers and many twists. Once the group challenges have been eliminated, the boys will have to prove their skills by competing individually, well aware of risking losing the bank they have hardly earned every time. The teachers – who, we recall, are Arisa, Anna Pettinelli and Rudy Zerbi for singing and Lorella Cuccarini, Alessandra Celentano and Veronica Peparini for dancing – will in fact be able to choose from time to time whether to confirm the young talents assigned to them.

During the appointment on Saturday 21 November, three singers will be at risk of leaving the talent show. Sangiovanni, Raffaele and Aka7even will be called to perform in front of the two guests of the episode: Massimiliano Montefusco, general manager of RDS, and Daniela Cappelletti, presenter of Radio Italia. In fact, another novelty this year will be the presence of major radio broadcasters, whose representatives will have the burden of choosing which unreleased tracks of the youngsters could play on the radio.

Well, this time they will listen to the unreleased songs of the three singers in challenge. Opinions will be divided on Sangiovanni: Daniela would not transmit the piece, while for Massimiliano the judgment will be positive. Raffaele and Aka7even, on the other hand, will be able to put the two judges in agreement, since both will appreciate their singles. Of course, the final judgment will be left to the professors and, according to the previews, at least for this episode no boy will have to give up the bench.

In the meantime, the dance castings will continue, to fill the vacancy among Alessandra Celentano's desks. Two ballet dancers will perform during the episode, however the professors will still reserve some time to decide if one of them will be admitted to Amici 2020. There is no news yet regarding the situation of Arianna, the young singer who , in the past few hours, has committed several infractions of the regulation. It is possible that disciplinary measures will be taken for you during the next few days.

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