Amici 2020, the story of Martina Miliddi who marked Lorella Cuccarini

Amici 2020, the story of Martina Miliddi who marked Lorella Cuccarini

The young Martina entered Amici's school and was able to touch strings that moved Lorella Cuccarini

The new class of Amici 2020 is slowly forming, and among the names that most impressed viewers is that of the young ballerina Martina Miliddi. Her story moved Lorella Cuccarini, who assigned her a desk in the most loved school in Italy.

Martina, just 20 years old, has always loved dance and is convinced to continue on this path, hoping to become a professional dancer. During one of Amici's last daytimes, the girl was summoned by Lorella Cuccarini, who wanted to clarify a sentence that had particularly struck her. At the end of the last episode, in fact, the young woman thanked her dance teacher, without mentioning her family.

Thus, in a very touching moment, Martina told her story: “She is my teacher but she is also my godmother, she is my family. It created me, not only on an artistic level but also on a personal level. He taught me very important values ​​that unfortunately I did not have and I will always be grateful to him ”. The girl lost her father in an accident when she was just 10 years old: “It broke my heart, it's a chapter I can't close, a pain that doesn't give me respite”.

With her mother, Martina has never had a good relationship: "I don't have this confidence to tell her certain things, in fact she doesn't even know I'm here". These words surprised Cuccarini, who immediately showed great sweetness towards the dancer: “I am very struck by this short circuit with my mother. I'm so sorry. Certain scars need to be healed, because even if they don't seem to hurt us, they still have some influence. I tell you because I am a mother, maybe leave a little door open in your heart ".

The young Martina then spoke of her great passion for dance, which led her to obtain a bench at Amici 2020. She is the most severe critic of herself: "I never had a gift or a talent, I was not good but I wanted ". A love, hers, which has become as important as air: "I have no outside friends, I have dance. I call my teacher and ask her if the room is free because I need to breathe ”. Now his time has come, the opportunity he had been waiting for so long. And we are sure – as Lorella Cuccarini is too – that Amici will give us many emotions.

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