Amici 2021, advances seventh episode: who will be eliminated

Giulia Amici 2021

The competition continues at "Amici 2021" and in the seventh episode the dancers risk leaving school

Amici 2021, the Evening: judges, teams and guests

What will happen in the seventh episode of Amici 2021 and who will be eliminated? According to the anticipations coming from the recordings of the Maria De Filippi show, three much loved competitors will finish the ballot: Samuele, from the team of Veronica Peparini and Anna Pettinelli, Alessandro, who is supported by Arisa and Lorella Cuccarini, and Serena Marchese, which is part of the team of Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano.

As reported by Vicolodellenews, the jury composed of Stash, Stefano De Martino and Emanuele Filiberto, would have chosen to save Serena. So Samuele and Alessandro would have ended up in the ballot. The eliminated between the two dancers will only be revealed during the live broadcast when the boys are already in the house. A decision made by the staff of Maria De Filippi to avoid spoilers since the episodes are recorded.

The elimination of one of the dancers from the Amici 2021 school – between Samuele and Alessandro – comes after a difficult week marked by a heavy call from Maria De Filippi. In fact, in recent days the presenter was angry with Giulia, Serena and Alessandro, who arrived late in the studio to participate in a dance competition.

“Your race is canceled – said the hostess, angry -. You were told at half past one to go to the relaxation room with your things and you didn't bring them. There are schedules, there is a studio called and cameramen. You have to learn to respect people, so go home with your things ”. The dancers had let themselves go to tears, disappointed by what happened. To make the spokesman Samuele, who had spoken with Maria De Filippi. “I wish they didn't arrive where they didn't understand – she specified -. It is important that you transfer this concept to them: there is no person in the world who should not be respected. If they make a commitment and are told that there is a studio waiting for them, even if they don't have the foundation in place or a shirt in place, they don't keep waiting. There is no need for any excuse, I just need to understand ".

There are only a few episodes left for the final of Amici 2021 and the competition is increasingly tight. All pupils would like to win, but they are also tried after challenges and tests to overcome. Samuele collapsed during the week, fearing that his love story outside the house is over. Sangiovanni instead cried after discovering that he was beaten by Aka7even.

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