Amici 2021, Carolyn Smith defends Celentano: "Woe to those who touch it"

Amici 2021, Carolyn Smith defends Celentano: "Woe to those who touch it"

After the controversy at "Amici 2021", Carolyn Smith defends Alessandra Celentano.

Carolyn Smith takes the field to defend Alessandra Celentano after the recent controversy that arose in Amici 2021. The dance teacher has in fact been accused of being too harsh towards the students and of giving "bad" judgments. Several times Celentano has clashed with Stefano De Martino, a member of the jury of the program, and with her colleague Lorella Cuccarini because of her criticisms of Martina and Rosa, two students of the school.

“We must not insult – said Cuccarini in one of the last episodes of Amici, addressed to her colleague -. There is a way and a way, you are used to this arrogance with young people. Words must be weighed. You can say what you want but you have to weigh the words ”. De Martino is of the same idea, who did not like Celentano's judgment regarding Martina: "I honestly think it is not useful to tell a 20-year-old girl – explained Belen Rodriguez's ex-husband -. You can express a positive or negative opinion. I don't contest the content, but the way ".

Not everyone seems to think so though. Defending the Amici 2021 teacher was Carolyn Smith. Choreographer, dancer and the face of Dancing with the Stars, Celentano had her say in an interview with Oggi. "Woe to those who touch Alessandra Celentano who is a true professional and the only one who is defending the real dance – he said -. They say it's 'bad', but it's just ignorance … I think it's completely useless to protect the kids with nice words. What is it for? If they are scarce it is better that they know ”.

In the latest edition of Amici, Celentano often criticized Martina and Rosa, deeming them unsuitable to enter the evening. After the elimination, which took place against her boyfriend Deddy, Rosa talked about the teacher, revealing what she thinks of her. "I think everyone is free to express their opinion, always with certain ways and words – said the dancer -. I am of the thought that in life you cannot please everyone, you will always be judged for good or evil, the important thing is to value ourselves first of all and to always believe in it ".

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